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3Q2011 update online now!

Gaming InsurrectionGaming Insurrection proudly presents Issue No. 15 for 3rd Quarter 2011.

Featured in this issue:

Silver Horse Awards: Gaming Insurrection honors four of the most influential game designers and producers: Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Yu Suzuki and Nobuo Uematsu.

E32011: We analyze this year’s extravaganza: The games, the conferences and the announcements are all here. Listen to our special annual podcast and find out what other experts had to say about 2011’s offerings from the Big 3.

Mortal Kombat II tournament Round 3: We reach the halfway mark of our tournament for the gory fighting game classic. Match strategies, commentary in our special podcast and video are included.

Ready, set, begin!

We review Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Battlefield Bad Company, Yakuza and Crash Bandicoot 2.


Games on tap for review are Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt and Rad Racer.

The Strip

We discuss the dichotomy of heroes and villains, five of the worst comic book movies ever made, Robotech, Magneto and X-Men The Animated Series Vol. 1.

Retro Game Corner

We examine the costs of rare games, look at the Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise evolutionary chain in the Pokemon Red & Blue Knowledge Center and critique Knight Rider in the Torture of the Quarter.

As always we have columns by Lyndsey and Jamie and a comic for Strip Life. Let us know what you think!


07 2011

3rd Quarter 2009 is here!

Gaming Insurrection is updated for the third quarter 2009!Gaming Insurrection's 3rd quarter 2009 front cover

This quarter:

1. Mom and Dad play the Wii – Editor Lyndsey M. Mosley interviews her parents on their first time trying out the Nintendo Wii. Hilarity ensues. Actually, Gloria and Hiran Hicks show their enthusiasm for trying Nintendo’s hit console and two of the games in the Wii Sports lineup.

2. E3 2009 – Despite the harried trials of getting information on the biggest gaming event of the year, Gaming Insurrection editors drop knowledge on what happened in Los Angeles this year. Multiple announcements – some known, some unknown – made this year’s E3 a return to form.

Retrograde features Bionic Commando, NARC and Super Contra for the NES. What We’re Playing looks at Mega Man III and The Legend of Zelda for the NES and Ridge Racer Type 4 for the PSOne. In the multimedia section there are gameplay videos for Retrograde and What We’re Playing, and there are photogalleries for the games and our feature on Mom and Dad. Watch them there or at our Youtube site.

As always we have columns from yours truly and From the Dungeon, written exclusively by Jamie Mosley. Go download the issue now!


07 2009