Animal Crossing Chronicles Edition #03

Animal Crossing Chronicles

Welcome to the third edition of Animal Crossing Chronicles. This feature originally began in January 2010 and has evolved into a diary following a new character in the town of Tokyo on the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. Each quarter, we will look at the life of Samus as she makes her way through Tokyo and learns the ropes of life.

Friday, October 22, 2010

First night in, I had to work for Tom Nook. In return for doing his odd jobs, I received from my animal neighbors: A No. 67 shirt, an 8-mat tatami and a handcart. I kept the 8-mat tatami since it is one of my favorite floorings. Because Lyndsey and Jamie have already set up Tokyo, we have a Nookington’s and the museum is

Tom Nook offers wares for sale at Nookington's in Tokyo.

complete. This leaves me free to catch and sell all of the bugs and fish that I want. Also, we have non-native fruit (i.e. cherries, peaches, oranges and apples), so that’s more income as well. I will have my loan paid off in no time!

We have 14 animals in the town right now: Cousteau and Wolfgang (Acre E-5), Penny ( D-2), Mallary (D-4), Spork and Hazel (C-1), Spike, Jambette and Puck (B-1), Aziz (B-2), Olivia (C-2), Tutu (C-3), Petunia (C-4) and Bill (C-5). As always, we human characters all live in Acre B-3. I wonder if I can go over to Lyndsey’s house to play Super Mario Bros.?

So I began life in Tokyo during daytime hours. I was able to visit Nookington’s and sell stuff finally.I made 2,522 Bells. I then sold other stuff such as a crucian carp, pale chub, peaches, oranges and my tape deck. I won’t be needing the tape deck for awhile because I have yet to meet K.K. Slider. Even though he plays every Saturday at the train station, I don’t need music for awhile.

I caught the fish that I sold by purchasing a fishing rod and then a shovel. With the shovel I found the golden spot for the day and I got 1,000 Bells. I am well on my way to becoming rich enough to pay off my first loan of 17,400 Bells. I have decided that once I buy a net, I will catch some of the plentiful insects flitting around for income.

Even though it’s not summer, where I can make tens of thousands of Bells in a day from selling butterflies, I can still make nice Bells from the local insect economy.

I haven’t met with any of my neighbors, although I did meet our newest one, Bluebear, today. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, but he was rude! But, then again, most of the population is like that, no matter what town you live in. In the spring, we may start the Tokyo Town Improvement Program. It’s an idea.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Samus catches one of her first red snappers. It sells for 3,000 Bells.

In my never-ending quest to make Bells, I caught fish today. It was my first full day of fishing and I caught a bundle! I nabbed three Barred Knifejaws, two Red Snappers, seven Sea Bass, a Freshwater Goby and a Guppy. This brought my selling total to 23,440 Bells, more than enough to pay off my first loan.

I also bought my net, so now I can catch bugs. In the interest of saving space in the house, I sold my orange box and diary and bought a blue bureau. With it, I added room because I moved some shirts to it. Getting the room expansion will be awesome because I will be able to spread out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I did it! I paid off my first loan to Tom Nook. I made a few more sales and bought more clothes, then paid it off at the post office. I owed 17,400, and I caught a Coelcanth the other day to make some more Bells since it was raining. Once I paid the loan off, I asked for the upgrade that Nook offers so that I can begin the expansion. I should have more space shortly!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I began paying off my new debt to Tom Nook today. He completed the remodeling repairs and the bill was 148,000 Bells! Thankfully, I paid him 58,000 Bells, bringing what I owe down to an even 90,000 Bells. I’m just waiting for a rainy day again.

With the Happy Room Academy, I received my lowest score ever: 285. They said my house was too small to generate any points, and I agree. I intend to boost it by doing a little remodeling myself.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks to a mysterious benefactor, I paid off my second loan today! I believe it was someone in the town with the Bells to pull it off, and I’m pretty sure it was Lyndsey.

Samus makes one of the first of many loan payments at the post office.

There was a posting on the bulletin board for me! I checked it out and it said for me to check across the pond for “amazing treasure.” I went over there and found 180,000 Bells and some fossils. At this point the loan was at 90,000 Bells. so I paid it off completely and had about 132,000 Bells left over. I opted to get the basement addition from Nook so that I would have some place to put all of my clothes.

I saw a toilet in Lyndsey’s basement so I will buy that from her if she’s willing to sell it to me. I don’t have one in my inventory so I will have to pick it up that way or wait to buy it from Nook. There’s no telling when that will be.

I bought a daffodil chair and two shirts today.

I didn’t spend much and I got bills paid. I also put a fossil in the mail so that’s something extra coming in. I believe the next loan payment is in the 240,000 Bells range.

That will be easy to pay off quickly.

I did not talk with any of my animal friends today. I was in such a hurry to work on paying off the loan that I didn’t have time.

Apparently, Belle moved. I don’t even remember who that was so she must not have been too important. I think maybe she was a cat? I must have met her although Lyndsey told me in a letter that BlueBear sent a goodbye letter to her and she had never met him. Maybe everyone’s letters go to the humans when they move.

I know that the Harvest Festival is approaching but I don’t think I am going to go. I think I would just like to stay home this year and not visit with too many of my neighbors. I might pick some fruit, however, for my own feast. I may have Lyndsey and Jamie over as well.

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