Animal Crossing Chronicles Edition #02

Welcome to a second edition of the Animal Crossing Chronicles.

Not too much new has happened in my tiny City Folk town of Japan. It’s an emotionally barren place considering what my previous towns were like. I’ve been steadily paying off the home loan at a rate of 5,000 Bells per day and 1,000 Bells toward my town fund.

My daily activities have consisted of paying off my loan, fishing and talking to random town members in an effort to establish some sort of camaraderie. Now, I will be the first player to tell you that talking to my animal neighbors is a chore within itself. I don’t particular care for any of the animals’ personalities and their dialogue is written as rude most of the time. And that’s the “nice” animals. I tend to keep my interaction with them low unless I really need something, such as old carpets and wallpaper.

Animal Crossing couture

For my character, looking good when she steps out of the house for errands is important. I try my best to make sure the character’s style reflects my own. Thus, her clothes are mix and match of accessories. Mostly, she rocks pilot shades or large shades and a cute top. Her hair is a different matter, though. I prefer to have her wear her hair in a bun or for her to wear a wig. My favorite wigs are the geisha, mowhawk and afro.

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