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We’ve been knee-deep in getting started on the 4th Quarter!

The upcoming quarter will feature contributing editor Jamie Mosley and his time working for Tekken- and Soulcalibur-maker Namco in the late 1990s. We’re pushing out videos for the feature (six so far!) and our other mainstays such as What We’re Playing and Retrograde. Also, we’re thinking about moving forward with a new feature involving podcasts so stay tuned!

I’m personally looking forward to this quarter. It’s been in the pipeline for a little while now and it’s always fun to reminisce about the old days when arcades were still king. We’re playing most of this Tekken and Soulcalibur stuff at home now but that wasn’t always so. Those were the days, indeed.

Other than the 4th quarter work, we’re working on future projects such as a Super Mario World blowout and the state of Nintendo’s core franchises, a look at playing import games on older systems and pricing your retro games through a buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide I’m especially excited about because it’s about the games that made the older systems the best. In other words, it’s what you should already have in your collection of great games. Look for these beginning next year in the first quarter.

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