Marvel vs. Capcom strategy talk part 2 – Top tier character discussion

Welcome back to part II of the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 strategy talk. In this session we’ll talk about the beast that is top-tier teams.

Part II – Top-tier characters

Before you talk about teams in MvC2 you need to talk about the characters that make up the teams. There are 56 characters in the game, split evenly between the two sides. Of the 56, there are at best 10 top-tier characters. What do we mean by top-tier? Well, top tier means they are the best of the best. These characters dominate matchups and are the widely used characters come tournament time. All of the top tiers have been used at some point in the tournament scene, and if you watch tournament videos you will see these characters present in just about every match.

Now, that isn’t to say that none of the characters are unusable. Every character in the game has the ability to dominate a matchup in the right hands. Frequently you will see a high-level player using what’s considered a low-tier character if they’re trying a new team for challenge or fun. Remember: Playing different characters can be fun and add challenge to the game.

Now, on to the list of top tiers (in no particular order, *= top-tier assist):

1. Cable

2. Sentinel

3. Dr. Doom

4. Blackheart*

5. Storm

6. Magneto

7. Captain Commando*

8. Cammy

9. Psylocke*

10. Spiral

Each of these characters has a reason to be top tier: either for their assist or their point characteristics. In the case of Captain Commando, Psylocke, Blackheart and even Cammy, their anti-air assists are tops in stopping and locking down. Cable and Magneto can dismantle teams by themselves. Doom, Cammy, Storm and Spiral can be great characters on point (Cammy and Storm, especially).

Coming up: Part III – Basic MvC2 play tips we’ve learned along the way

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