Moving and updating

Sorry for the lull in updates from your chief-type person. J-Vegas and I were in the process of moving for employment, and now that that’s settled, we’re back in full effect!

*Throw in ridiculous ’80s rap pose*

Yes, well our posse has grown considerably since the relaunch of GI. We’re up to five staff members, each with our own expertise. I like to think of us as a motley crew that have common interests that revolve around my enterprise. That being said, the issues are about to beef up. Expect more content about … well … games.

Now that we’ve left our home base, I know we’ll miss our friends. However, we’re still going to keep GI going. We’re mainly a Web operation anyway so it makes sense that it would not skip a beat in its production. Maybe while we’re here we’ll find a way to get physical distribution. For right now, though, the Web is all we have …

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