Samsung 32-inch
LCD television


Samsung’s 32-inch LCD television is a great bargain buy if you’re in the market for a decent no-frills TV. For GI’s purposes, we bought it for our living room and we use it to play Xbox 360 games, DVDs and our Roku player (see the review below). It’s stunningly easy to set up, has the standard options found on most TVs today, and it fits quite nicely in our living room entertainment area. The only drawback that we’ve encountered with the television is the sound output. For some shows, the sound is super low and we have to frequently turn it up to nearly full volume. Other than that, it’s a great purchase and worth a look if you need something average for a good price.


Price: $149

Where to buy: Best Buy

GoGo Anime website

A free anime site, GoGo Anime has one of the largest collections of anime for watching and downloading on the web. It’s easy to search for a series or choose a current series and load a player to start watching. It has full series of favorites dubbed and subbed and the obscure without needing to sign in or have a subscription.


Website: GoGoAnime.com

Roku player


The Roku player was a surprise purchase when GI was in the market for a streaming device. At $40, it seemed like a safe alternative to the Amazon Fire Stick. The Roku is lightweight and easy to use. It has a quick setup and is easy to navigate with. It comes preloaded with Netflix, Hulu, Google Play and Sling TV, but additional channels can be added with a subscription like the four that are preloaded. Because of the Roku, we’ve added a Netflix and Hulu subscription and renewed our NBA subscription. With those, we have our favorite sport and movies, TV shows and anime all in one spot in the house. The Roku works well and is fast in loading all of the apps that we’ve added and choose to use regularly.


Price: $40

Where to buy: Best Buy, Amazon.com