Earpods with Lightning Connector

These are an oldie but goodie. They used to come with almost every Apple purchase and for GI, these are the best bet in terms of ear buds to use with our Apple devices. Yes, there are Air Pods now, but they’re still prohibitively expensive. The ear buds are now cheap and still come with microphones built in, which is still super helpful.


Price: $19.00

Where to buy: Apple.com

Skype for Desktop

We use Skype for Business at the day job, so we were familiar with Skype before we needed to use the Desktop version. The Home version is a bit clunkier than we’d like, but it’s still functional when you need to IM someone. Also, we’re not fond of having to link a Microsoft account, but because we’ve had a long-standing Hotmail/Live account (we’re talking like 20-plus years at this point), we could easily associate the account for what we needed.


Price: Free

Where to download: Skype.com

Plantronics Blackwire 3225 USB-A Headset

This headset is decent for what you’re probably going to primarily use it for: online calls. In this time of pandemic and remote work from home, you’ll need something to be able to join calls and participate in online meetings. The headset is of good quality, sound-wise, and the construction is sturdy enough that it’s lightweight but doesn’t feel like it’ll break with heavy use. It features call controls on the wiring, and it’s easy to plug-in and go.


Price: $67.90

Where to buy: Amazon.com