Devil May Cry 4 – 3Q2018

Devil’s in the details: DMC4 a nice break
from Dante

Capcom’s “Devil May Cry” series is a game that has basically redefined the term “hack-and-slash” in video games. With the first three games using hack-and-slash style as well as action-adventure elements, I wondered what new surprises would the fourth installment of the series bring and to which system? DMC 4 features demon-hunter extraordinaire Dante, but the story and main character has changed for a more intense experience.

by Brandon Beatty

Taking place in a remote island town called Fortuna, you assume the role of Nero — a younger version of Dante — who is a member of the Order of the Sword. The Order of the Sword is a militant religious organization formed to destroy demons based on the actions of the Demon-Knight Sparda, who rebelled against the demon underworld to protect humanity. At a recent ceremony to honor Sparda, Dante smashes though a skylight and kills the priest leading the ceremony, setting off a chain of events that would not only put Dante and Nero on a collision course with each other, but also would lead both demon-hunters through a greater mystery to find out the true intentions of the Order and to stop a more vicious plot of a demon-invasion.

While Dante’s role in DMC 4 is not as the main character, he does still play a key role in the game as a playable character in certain scenes. Nero is not to be taken lightly either as his arsenal consists of his Devil Bringer arm, his mechanical sword Red Queen and his double barrel revolver, Blue Queen. Nero can gain an extra advantage to accomplish his mission by gathering “Red Souls,” DMC’s original game currency, and “Proud Souls,” a new currency. After a mission is completed, Pride Souls can power up Nero’s tools ranging from extending the Devil Bringer’s reach to more powerful shots from the Blue Queen. The controls for Dante and Nero are easy to use thanks to the PS3’s Six Axis controller’s built-in analog feature, which I found helpful with camera issues from time to time.

The excellent detail that is used in each level comes to life in the background and cinematic scenes. These were done with high definition technology that will make you feel like you are playing with a masterpiece of art instead of a video game. Capcom’s sound team brings their A-game again. Each sound and vocal effect combined with Dolby Digital Sound gives an orchestral quality to the game. Capcom did a great job in voice and motion capture for DMC 4. Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Street Fighter IV) brought Nero to life and Reuben Langdon reprising his role as Dante.

Devil May Cry 4 shows what Capcom is capable of doing when they let their development team do its job: make their games enjoyable. DMC4 is a challenging, but enjoyable way to kill free time when you want to get your demon-hunting on.

The replay value is strong especially if you are a veteran DMC player; this game is worth your hard-earned cash.

GI-Brandon Beatty

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