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If you’re looking to create your own steps and simfiles within Stepmania, you’re going to need a little help. There are several programs out there that help with the creation of files and edited steps that make the process easy.


DDReam Studio: In addition to generating your own simfile document with the appropriate labels and correct information, DDReam is immensely useful in generating the correct global offset for a song. This means your song will be synced correctly and playable. It’s available for download at


Rathstar: This generates a stepchart representation of your file’s simfile document (commonly ending in the .sm extension). This is helpful when you want to analyze charts and need a graphical representation of your steps, such as the official charts that are found on the now-defunct The source code can be hosted on your website or files can be generated at


BPM Analyzer: MixMeister’s BPM Analyzer is a tool that calculates a song’s BPM. As you’re creating your simfile, you need to know a song’s beats per minute to have an accurate representation in Stepmania. This program does all of that for you. As an alternative, download Foobar 2000, a free media player, which has an add-on component that also calculates BPM.