From the editor

Lyndsey Hicks, editor-in-chief

When I began Gaming Insurrection 16 years ago in my kitchen, I didn’t foresee there would be long layoffs between issues. I never anticipated taking a lot of time off because I thought I’d be doing journalism for the rest of my life. I didn’t think I’d be in a new career, but here I am.


I am currently an accounting student, working toward a second bachelor’s degree at a local college. I have been doing this in some form or fashion since the fall of 2016 when I finally made the decision to take my current day job a step further. I have maintained a good GPA, and I am projected to graduate in May 2020. I am also getting married again the month before graduation.


In between working full time, going to school and wedding planning, GI has not been my primary focus. But that will change shortly. The closer I get to graduation, the easier it is to work on GI and pull together a competent and complete issue. We’ve scaled back in recent years, but it is by no means dead. Expect to see more work done in the coming months and an increased presence online.


I might be a little busy with life outside of journalism and video games, but we haven’t forgotten about Gaming Insurrection in the slightest.


Enjoy the issue.


We are a small video game publication based in Columbia, S.C., and North Carolina. While we focus on retro games, our love is really for digital entertainment, whether it be manga, anime or gaming.


Gaming Insurrection began in 2002 in Editor-in-Chief Lyndsey Hicks' kitchen as a side project to sharpen her print journalism skills while in college. After a six-year hiatus, GI was restarted and enhanced with a redesign and addition of staff.


Gaming Insurrection produces a PDF version of the quarterly magazine as well as the occasional video and podcasts for mass consumption.



The Gaming Insurrection crew past and present gets together or goes solo to have fun in various ways on camera. Watch all of the episodes of the Gaming Insurrection Show here.


Lyndsey Hicks is co-founder and editor-in-chief of GI. She enjoys watching various anime with her future husband, editing, picking apart Harry Potter lore and planning her future school schedule with graduation in mind. Lyndsey resides in Columbia, S.C.


Brandon Beatty is editor-at-large for GI. Brandon writes reviews when the mood strikes him, produces the quarterly Otaku Corner column for The Strip and enjoys planning anime convention road trips with his lovely future wife. Brandon resides in
Columbia, S.C.