From the editor
Lyndsey beatty, 

It's starting to look a lot like summer around these GI parts.

While we're dodging the heat and trying to remain cool, we're also playing and talking about some of our favorite games in each genre. Sure, some of these already appeared on our greatest games of all time list in Issue 40, but think of this as a more comprehensive list of retro games for most of the more popular genres. Spoiler alert: Simulation games didn't make the list because there are few games that we usually play, but know that we are an Animal Crossing enthusiastic household here at GI.

The Silver Horse Awards makes its triumphant return as we tackle each genre with picks from the NES to the Dreamcast. It's been a long while since the Silver Horse made its way into GI as a feature, and we're happy to see it return.

We hope you love our curated list of video game genre best.

Enjoy the issue!


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Brandon Beatty is editor-at-large for GI. Brandon writes reviews when the mood strikes him, produces the  Otaku Corner column for The Strip and spends a significant amount of time watching new and old anime alike with his wife. Brandon resides in Columbia, S.C., and is a security specialist for the state of South Carolina.