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Lyndsey Hicks, editor-in-chief

As most of our dear readers know, I’m a huge fan of retro games. I own a large collection that features old-school games from the NES onward. That love for games began in 1988 and continues to this day. My favorite system? It’s a toss up between the Sega Dreamcast and the Super Nintendo.


Imagine what it was like to receive a SNES after a year of nagging your parent and making frequent trips to Target to play the demo of Super Mario World. I usually got to go at least once a week and I tried to make the most of my time. By the time I got my SNES for Christmas in 1992, I was already in love and ready for more.


Having my late mother purchase it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my gaming career.


This issue we’re looking at the sequel system that cemented Nintendo’s place in many gamers’ hearts worldwide. We’ve got breakdowns of sales, our favorite games for each genre, soundtracks you should be listening to and peripherals that you need to track down and own if you have a system. Hopefully, you share my love for the SNES and its magical run in video gaming history.


Enjoy the issue!


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