As a longtime Animal Crossing enthusiast, I am just chock full of ideas for future games in the long-running series. Here are more of my ideas of how Nintendo can breathe new life into its addictingly cute life simulator.

2. Online ordering system from retailers:

There are already items in the series that the player character can collect that are PCs. Currently, the PCs only turn on and off and do not actually do anything else, but what if the character were allowed to logon to the Nookington’s web site and order products, or Gracie Grace to order clothes? Each retailer would have its own web site with the appropriate sections.

4. Player character can become a chef:

Although eating is not required in Animal Crossing, the player character can eat and drink certain foods. Also, because the animals request certain items in Pocket Camp, it’s established that the animals enjoy eating fish as well as fruit and other snacks along with drinking coffee from New Leaf. With a food system already established, the player character could develop recipes found throughout the Animal Crossing world. Recipes could be unlocked via animals and the island. Kitchen appliances are already found in the series as well, facilitating the cooking portion of the game.

6. Clothing line creation:

The player character is already a burgeoning designer with creations at the Able Sisters’ shop in the games. What could ramp it up a notch is the addition of being able to sell the designs. The creations could be sold from a store online (such as suggestion No. 2) or sold through a Market Box capacity, such as the system found in Pocket Camp.

1. Shop owner:

The player character has taken on this role previously in City Folk for the Wii with the auction house and in the mobile Pocket Camp with the Market Box, but there should be a separate ability to be able to open their own shop within town. The ability to open their own store would incorporate the Pocket Camp material gathering and crafting aspect, the store designing aspect of Happy Home Designer and Reese and Cyrus from New Leaf.

Another ability would be to be able to sell items to animals within town and take special requests, like the request ability already found in Pocket Camp. In addition, the island’s return from New Leaf could factor in as a source of raw materials in the creation of specially requested items.

A third shop type could be that the player character is a fruit stand owner and fisherman with a quota every week to make sales. The player character would pay sales tax to the town in the form of a percentage of gross profit and keep the net profit.

A final business type could be a delivery service, as seen in the Animal Crossing OVA. In the OVA, the player character of Ai delivers packages for series stalwart Tom Nook, but this could be expanded as the player character moving to a new town and opening their own business. Since the animals already request that the player deliver items from time to time in New Leaf, a profit could be turned to make extra money for the player. Pete’s Delivery Service from Pocket Camp could also be utilized.

3. Incorporate Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp into the regular game:

Pocket Camp is a runaway success for Nintendo and should be included into the main series like the spinoff Happy Home Designer has been included. The way to start would be to change the player character’s main job from mayor to Camp RV park owner, which would add more animals to interact with Harvey from New Leaf Welcome Amiibo. Other additions would be the Market Box operations, which is the ability to sell items to other player characters who visit the RV park — and the gardening events, which entail growing flowers of a certain type to attract and collect creatures for trade.

5. Totakeke Records:

The sound director for Animal Crossing is Kazumi Totaka, best known as K.K. Slider — the wandering musician puppy who used to play at the town’s train station until he hit it big and now sells records. Totaka is also known for his work on Mario Paint, which could be put into Animal Crossing for music creation. These song creations could be then remixed and sold in the player’s business. K.K. Slider could open a music studio and the player character could contribute at the studio with part ownership and content creation.