By Lyndsey Beatty | Gaming Insurrection


Sumo has been around since the dawn of time, it seems like. The national sport of Japan, Sumo draws fans around the world to its matches and rankings. Naturally, you’re going to find it in fighting games. These warriors represent the Land of the Rising Sun where there is competition to be had.


in fighting games

Gan Isurugi

Series: Rival Schools/Project Justice

Gan is the muscle of the Gedo High School gang in Rival Schools and Project Justice, which he does with comical efficiency. He’s an interesting take on Sumo in gang fighting and shares a lot of traits with E. Honda. He’s got a sensitive side, but he’s not afraid to get in your face when it comes to displaying the might of Daigo Kazama’s gang.


Series: Tekken

Ganryu is a joke character most of the time, but he brings sheer brute force to the King of the Iron Fist tournament in every game he appears in. His main goal isn’t to become Yokozuna; it’s to win the hearts of Michelle and Julia Chang.

E. Honda

Series: Street Fighter

Edmond Honda is the granddaddy of all Sumo wrestlers in fighting games. He was the first mainstream representation of the sport in a true fighting game, and he carries the mantle well. All others who came after him owe him a debt of gratitude because he makes it look easy. Also, his original stage is still beautiful 30 years later.


Series: Virtua Fighter

Taka-Arashi is well known for his brutality and skill in pushing opponents to a ring out in the Virtua Fighter series. He’s a tactician in Sumo and has enough girth and strength to defeat the strongest fighters with ease. However, he hasn’t had the luck one would think he would have since he doesn’t face a lot of the fighting styles until he’s in the World Fighting Tournament. Because of that, his record isn’t particularly strong.

Hinako Shijou

Series: King of the Fighters

A surprising entry on this list, Hinako is not your average Sumo wrestler. As an enthusiast, she found herself training alone, but her reputation preceded her as she was invited to the King of the Fighters tournament. She knows her way around the ring and is known for her strength despite her outward appearance.