Lyndsey starts off the Editor’s Podcast with a look back at her gaming past and future.


Length: 50:36


Size: 23.97 MB

Episode 15: Gaming's forefathers

Lyndsey and Jamie talk about gaming’s earliest pioneers and if they’ve held up after 20 to 25 years since their release.


Length: 1:42:28

Size: 48.52 MB

Episode 02: Rise and Fall of Mortal Kombat

Fighting aficionados Lyndsey and Jamie talk about the days when fatalities were king and MK was the rage with gamers and angry senators alike.


Length: 1:13:02


Size: 34.58 MB

Episode 03: Dreamcast launch anniversary


GI looks back at the highs and lows of the Sega Dreamcast on the 10th anniversary of the system’s launch in North America.


Length: 49:29


Size: 23. 44 MB

Episode 16: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 speculation


Lyndsey and Jamie are joined by Contributing Editor Brandon Beatty to talk about Capcom’s upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Voice acting for the series is extensively discussed.


Length: 1:25:37

Size: 78.8 MB

Episode 17: Adults who game


Lyndsey and Jamie mix politics, world history and events while discussing the trials and tribulations of being an adult who still plays video games.


Length: 42:32

Size: 40 MB

Episode 04: Animal Crossing Addiction


Lyndsey describes what it’s like to be in the throes of addiction to one of the best games ever created for leisure play.


Length: 34:39


Size: 16.41 MB

Episode 05: Video game music


The GI crew discusses their favorite tunes of gaming and their favorite composers. Some surprises make the list of faves.


Length: 1:21:16


Size: 38.48 MB

Episode 06: Great gaming on the go


Chances are you’re a gamer who plays on the go with a Nintendo DS or PSP. GI talks about their favorites for micro-gaming and what games stay in the DS Lites at all times. PSP favorites to try are considered, too.


Length: 49:48


Size: 23.59 MB

Episode 18: The Borderlands Experience


Gaming Insurrection editors Lyndsey and Jamie discuss their experiences with one of the quirkiest, interesting shooters on the market: Borderlands.


Length: 1:28:24

Size: 81.3 MB

Episode 19: Everything Tekken

Gaming Insurrection editors Lyndsey and Jamie talk about one of their favorite fighting game series, Tekken.


Length: 1:42:21

Size: 47.4 MB

Episode 20: What we've been up to

Lyndsey and Jamie have been away from the game for awhile but they’re back to talk about random video game themes.


Length: 1:49:40

Size: 75.9 MB

Episode 07-08: Hard games

What are your favorite video games that make you want to throw a controller? The GI crew discusses the early perpetrators of rage in gaming.


Length: 1:33:23


Size: 44.22 MB

Episode 09: Graphical improvements from the 8-bit days


The GI crew sits down to talk about games that have come a long way since the reign of the NES and the Sega Genesis.


Length: 44:53


Size: 42.33 MB

Episode 21: The Worst games we've ever played

Lyndsey and Jamie throw down on the worst games they’ve ever played in their long gaming careers. It’s a long list, trust us.


Length: 1:24:00

Size: 75.9 MB

Episode 22: Marvel and Mortal


Lyndsey and Jamie get down to business in a lengthy discussion about recent fighting game releases Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat.


Length: 1:46:29

Size: 98 MB

Episode 10: Horror games of yesteryear


Associate Editor Jamie Mosley and Editor Lyndsey Mosley ruminate about their favorite games that can cause a blood curdling scream of death or frustration just in time for Halloween.


Length: 43:13

Size: 40.75 MB

Episode 11: Movie video games: The good, the Bad, the ugly


Lyndsey and Jamie discuss some of the worst movie-to-game adaptations ever made. Many references to Superman 64 and Friday the 13th are made.


Length: 44:53

Size: 40.75 MB

Episode 23: GI foolishness

Lyndsey and Brandon goof off on various topics ranging from the changes at GI (podcast gets a new name!) to Capcom’s ill treatment of Mega Man. The hoodie-wearing duo also talk about upcoming business for the magazine and the welcome addition of two new staff members.


Length: 1:17:19

Size: 35.8 MB

Episode 24: new Year at GI

Lyndsey does a solo episode of the Editor's Podcast, kicking off 2013 with new ideas and features to Gaming Insurrection.


Length: 25:57

Size: 29.8 MB

Episode 12: What We're playing right now


Lyndsey and Jamie talk about their current playthroughs, Final Fantasy V and Left 4 Dead 2, and Lyndsey rants about fanboys and Final Fantasy VII.


Length: 57:59

Size: 54.67 MB

Episode 25: Nashicon 2014 wrapup

Lyndsey and Brandon detail their days covering Nashicon 2014 in Columbia, S.C. Anime, video games and panels, oh my!


Length: 53:17

Size: 36.9 MB

Episode 13: Street Fighter

Lyndsey and Jamie delve into the intricacies and spontaneity that is Street Fighter. Also, the Web site of combo video masters SkillSmith is found finally.


Length: 1:19:56

Size: 150 MB

Episode 26: Changing things up


Lyndsey decides to change things up a bit with the introduction of five news topics to be discussed during the podcast.


Length: 19:14

Size: 13.3 MB

Episode 14: Gaming collections

Lyndsey and Jamie reminisce about the various gaming collections they’ve bought over the years. The merits of the world’s worst driving game, Hard Drivin’, is debated as well as finding a good collection in Street Fighter Alpha Collection.


Length: 1:32:03

Size: 175 MB

Episode 27: GI flashback podcast

Lyndsey and Brandon talk about a variety of topics in an older podcast from 2019. New episodes to come!


Length: 2:21:23

Size: 161 MB