Anime con 2015 wrapup

DuckTales Classic Focus

Gaming Insurrection went to the usual conventions in Columbia, S.C., in 2015. Here we talk about the things we saw and the things we did and bought.

GI returns to the past with a look at the Amazon level of the classic DuckTales for the NES.

Silver Horse Awards

Crazy Taxi Classic Focus

2011: Lyndsey and Jamie highlight four video game producers and designers for honor in the 2nd Annual Silver Horse Awards.

E3 roundup

2011: Gaming Insurrection’s editors give you the lowdown on this year’s events of gaming’s biggest extravaganza.


2010: Gaming Insurrection gathers for the time-honored tradition of discussing the developments of E3. They give grades on the Big 3’s conferences and talk about the upcoming games they’re looking for.


2009: Lyndsey and Jamie begin the first GI E3 discussion. Each conference is graded with highlights included.

Watch us make a lot of money while driving recklessly through the mean streets of a pseudo-San Francisco in Crazy Taxi for the Sega Dreamcast.

Mario Kart Classic Focus

Parents Play Wii Sports

GI parents Gloria and Arthur Hicks get in on the video game act and ruminate about their experiences playing Wii Sports for the first time.


Dad's interview

Mom's interview

Playing Imports

GI editor-in-chief Lyndsey Hicks breaks down some of the methods for importing games and playing them on American consoles in a series of videos.

Lyndsey and Jamie talk about the wonders and joys of importing games. Methods for getting started with hand-picked systems are discussed as well as choices for games worth importing.


Mortal Kombat II Tournament Matches

GI explores the rough and rowdy driving skills found in the original kart classic Super Mario Kart.

Castlevania Classic Focus

Lyndsey remembers the days when Castlevania was creepy and opened up a whole new platforming world.

Day with a DDR Master

Watch all of the matches from GI's Mortal Kombat II tournament right here.


All podcasts related to tournament analysis:


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6/Finals

Metroid Saga

GI co-founder and former contributing editor Marcus Barnes lets us in on a play session at Frankie's Fun Park in Columbia, S.C.


GI co-founder Marcus Barnes discusses what it was like to play Dance Dance Revolution at the height of its popularity in the United States.

Buyers Guide

The regular GI crew of Jamie and Lyndsey rummage through their collection to show what should in every gamer’s possession for a variety of consoles. Prices for the games are given.

We've produced several playthrough videos related to the Metroid series over the years. Watch them all here!


Lyndsey, a longtime Metroid fan, offers a tribute about her love for the space bounty hunter adventure series.

Nashicon 2010

The GI crew makes a trip home to Columbia, S.C., for an episode of The GI Show from Nashicon 2010. Editor Lyndsey Hicks tries her hand at cosplay with some success.

TMNT Blowout

Gaming Insurrection videos for the 1Q2011 focusing on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Gaming insurrection takes a trip back to the ’80s when four green guys claiming ninja status ruled the streets. The Strip is the platform for this quarter’s blowout of everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Dreamcast Fighting Games


The Gaming Insurrection crew travels to Nashicon 2010 in their hometown of Columbia, S.C., to talk cosplay, video games and everything in between. Watch out for the random squirrel attacks!

All About Super Mario Bros.


Editors Lyndsey and Jamie open the relaunched GI’s first features podcast with a look at Super Mario Bros. and its impact on gaming. Jamie also discusses Soulcalibur.

Super Mario Bros. discussion

Soulcalibur discussion


Gaming Insurrection ruminates about the days of fighting-game dominance in the heyday of Sega’s last and best system, the Dreamcast.