Ann One

A prolific Korean American artist, Ann One is known for crooning smooth, silky R&B hits. She is based in Los Angeles, and her music has been spread across YouTube mostly. She can be heard in “The Unwritten Rules” web series and has quite a few singles such as “This Ain’t Love” in English and Korean.


Well known for their contributions to the soundtrack for the animes Death Note and Akagi, Maximum the Hormone is a Japanese nü metal band just bursting at the seams with raw energy and a guttural sound. They’ve been around since 1998 with a mostly solid lineup that has seen very few changes since its inception. If your introduction is through anime, look for “Zetsubo Billy” and “What’s Up, People?!” within Death Note.



Though on hiatus, Enka singer Jerome Charles White – better known as Jero – has made his mark on history as the first black Enka singer in Japanese music history. Raised with a Japanese background, Jero has lived in Japan since 2003 and participates in the Enka genre of music, which employs old-style blues ballads that usually invoke longing in Japanese.


An international superstar, the artist known as Gackt is an enigma yet ever-changing music influencer whose rise to fame has only been within the past 20 years. Gackt has been known to write, play instruments, act and produce. As part of Malice Mizer, a defunct visual kei band, and later as a solo artist, Gackt has sold more than 10 million albums in his career.