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Welcome to  the DDR Spotlight! We’re examining the myriad of songs found in the Dance Dance Revolution series from the very first mix all the way to SuperNova.

Download the current DDR glossary. Just in case you ever wondered what some of the terms mean, we've compiled a dictionary, courtesy of the now-defunct DDR Freak.

Artist: Reven-G alterative

Difficulty: 7/8/9

Chosen difficulty: Standard

BPM: 225


This is one of the few songs in the SuperNova era that we can say is obviously incorrectly rated. The stepchart, at first glance, is suggested to be 7/8/9 for Light, Standard and Heavy difficulty, respectively. However, once re-rated in the DDR X era, the true rating is 11/13/15, which is surprisingly more accurate. Even as an 8 on Standard difficulty, the song is unfailingly hard. The speed, coupled with the complexity of steps, means you're going to be flailing around with no room to catch your breath if you're not careful. Be prepared for triplets and jumps at crazy speed. Though you will probably need it, increase the speed at your own peril. This is a boss song whether the game counts it as one or not.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: Bellini

Difficulty: 2/4/8

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 145


A fun trance track that follows the beat well, Trance de Janeiro is quite danceable. It's a much-better remix of the original and has a better stepchart. There are a lot of triplets and stutter steps where you need to match the track to do well. Keep in mind that it's beneficial as with all DDR songs to learn the track before attempting to step the song. This especially comes into play here with the vocals and the trance elements matching up with the beat.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: Togo Project feat. Sana

Difficulty: 2/5/8

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 90


One of the perfect summer tracks found in DDR, Sana Mollete ne Ente is a slow jam that needs very little prompting to get hard quickly. The difficulty shows up in the speed and the triplets that are heavily featured in the stepchart. Speeding things up will help with a slow 90 BPM. The stepchart also follows the singing and the beat, so use them as a guide for stepping.


Suggested Speed Mod: x3


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