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Welcome to  the DDR Spotlight! We’re examining the myriad of songs found in the Dance Dance Revolution series from the very first mix all the way to SuperNova.

Artist: Jennifer

Difficulty: 5/6/7

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 145


If You Were Here is a popular track first appearing in 2nd Mix. It’s a speedy track, which helps with the stepping patterns encountered in the Heavy stepchart.


Be prepared for numerous triplets of 1/4th-1/8th-1/4th steps interspersed with jumps. This is a true 7-footer in that it tests your ability to make leaps and master the triplet concept. Also, throughout the song are a few well-placed yellow 1/16th notes that are designed to match the beat of the background notes in the song. Keep an eye out for those because missing them may throw you off your step routine.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: Naoki

Difficulty: 5/7/9/9

Chosen difficulty: Standard

BPM: 150


Dynamite Rave is an early favorite that continues to be a benchmark for progress among older players. First appearing in DDR 3rd Mix, Dynamite Rave’s Standard chart is mix of triplets and jumps, which is what Standard charts are mostly made of. If you can handle to constant 1-2-3 stepping and jumps without getting too winded, you can pass Dynamite Rave with ease. The Standard steps follow the singing and rapping verses almost perfectly in the original version of the song. Learning those verses will help tremendously.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: E-Rotic

Difficulty: 3/4/7

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 147


Test My Best is a favorite by the band E-Rotic — appearing only in DDR 5th Mix —  and the Heavy chart is also a favorite. The steps vary and it’s a good mix that tries to stay on beat wherever possible. There are triplets and off-timed yellow 1/16th notes that match the rapping verse, as well as short jackhammer runs. The song isn’t too difficult and with the help of a speed mod, spreading out the notes will help tremendously with sight reading.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

Artist: good-cool

Difficulty: 3/5/7

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 124


At first glance, I Was the One’s Heavy stepchart looks hard. There are a lot of places for mistakes because of the slow speed so a speed mod is a must. The steps try to mimic the singing so it’s fairly on beat. The steps aren’t super complicated, though there are jumps and triplets mixed in with 1/16th yellow notes, which are a hallmark of 7-footers on Heavy in the early games. As usual, learn the words to the song and you’ll have a better chance at doing well.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2

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DDR song trivia

If You Were Here

* Received a Single Challenge stepchart in DDR X3 vs. 2nd Mix, 11 mixes after it first appeared in the main series.


I Was the One

* Was removed from all DDR arcade games after DDR Extreme.

* The vocalist is Robbie Danzie, whose songs often appear in DDR with Naoki Maeda or his artist DIVAS and is part of the DDR All-Stars.


Test My Best

* Artist is E-rotic, a band known for its sexually suggestive songs (i.e. Max Don’t Have Sex with Your Ex and Oh Nick Please Not So Quick). Most of the group’s more suggestive songs have appeared in the early arcade and Japanese versions of DDR. None of the band’s songs appear after DDR Extreme.

* Was removed from all DDR arcade games after DDR 5th Mix.


Dynamite Rave

* Received a Single Challenge stepchart in DDR Extreme.

* The lyrics were changed and re-recorded with a new vocalist after the license expired for the original version. All DDR versions after DDR X feature the version with Brenda Burch as the vocalist instead of Argie Phine. All songs featuring Phine as a vocalist (among them End of the Century) have been removed from the arcade version of DDR.