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Welcome to  the DDR Spotlight! We’re examining the myriad of songs found in the Dance Dance Revolution series from the very first mix all the way to SuperNova.

Difficulty: 7

Chosen difficulty: Challenge-only

BPM: 100


An easy Challenge-difficulty level song, the stepchart for My Summer Love (Tommy’s Smile Mix) matches the track well. There are a few advanced 32nd note steps in the middle of the song, but there is nothing more troubling than that.


The most important thing is to pay attention to the words. The steps match Geila’s words almost exactly at every point that she emphasizes the lyrics. This means if you hear her emphasize something, a jump is coming up. There’s a slight run in the middle of the song, after the Freeze steps. It’s not hard to understand if you’re paying attention to the track and taking your time to nail the steps.


It’s also smart to speed it up to space out the steps. It’s a slow jam, but speed is your friend here to make things easier to read.


Suggested Speed Mod: x2.5

Difficulty: 6/7/8

Chosen difficulty: Heavy

BPM: 160


SP-Trip Machine Jungle Mix is part of the well-known offbeat Trip Machine series and lives up to its name easily. To be a Trip Machine product, though, the Heavy steps are surprisingly not complex. The chart follows the music, which is unusual for Trip Machine tracks. That makes this easy to tackle if you’re paying attention.


Watch for the jumps and triplets that come in quick succession; they can take you out if you aren’t prepared. Also, think about using a Speed Mod to help with sight-reading. Jungle Mix is already a fast track, but the extra boost in speed can be used to your advantage.



Suggested Speed Mod: x1.5

Difficulty: 8

Chosen difficulty: Challenge-only

BPM: 85 - 170


While the original version of this song is a cute entry to the masterpiece category that is Naoki featuring Paula Terry, the remix Challenge version is the best version, period.


The step chart is magical and fun to play, and the difficulty is just right. Like most DDR songs, the Challenge step chart follows the lyrics and knowing the track makes things way easier to deal with when you’re stepping. The interesting thing about the song is the slowdown in the middle. It’s a mild breather section but things ramp up quickly again. Take the time to understand how the track works; it’s one of Naoki’s best, and the change in instruments and the additions make it worth returning to if you need a speedy challenge.



Suggested Speed Mod: x1.5

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