Nintendo's mapped out
start to dominance

The NES Game Atlas is something special, to be honest.

At the time of its publication in 1990, where else were you going to find the latest maps and strategies for some of the system's most popular games? The Internet was still far off andEditor-in-chief practically unheard of, and gamers were dependent on word of mouth, calling a company for tips or waiting for a company to publish a guide for their favorite game. It was a lot wish-for-the-best type of scenarios.

Nintendo, in its infinite wisdom, realized that they could make more profit by spinning off their strategy guides from Nintendo Power and thus the Player's Guide division was born. The unparalleled quality meant the guides were going to be accurate and look great. And great they are. The NES Game Atlas is fantastic in its production values and something I came to value for myself once I got into game journalism and production in general. The seed planted in that drive to emulate this specific guide is where Gaming Insurrection originated from.

Consider me eternally grateful for a splendid guide such as the NES Game Atlas sparking my favorite hobby.


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