Guide to the Borderlands — Mechanics: Gun types

                Shotguns Shotguns come in two varieties: Combat and Assault. Combat shotguns fire a single shell at a slow fire rate, whereas assault shotguns shoot a steady stream of bullets. Legendary titles: MANUFACTURER LEGENDARY TITLE UNIQUE COMPONENT EFFECT Tediore Defender Body Free ammo Dahl Bulldog Magazine More ammo,

Guide to the Borderlands – Mechanics: Backpack breakdown

          Understanding how the inventory system works in Borderlands is an important part of the experience of playing through the game. Space is a premium for all characters and knowing how to make adjustments and what the various menus represent is especially necessary. Watch as we breakdown each section of the

Guide to the Borderlands – Mechanics: Experience Points

            Experience points Experience points are the building blocks of the game and are the method in which you will gain levels to empower your character. There are four different ways to gain experience points: Killing enemies Completing missions Completing in-game challenges Helping to revive a teammate Let’s break down