Goemon's Great Adventure produces quality tracks in N64 series sequel

Goemon’s Great Adventure is the weirdly funny follow-up to one of our favorite action-adventure titles, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Coming about two years later for the Nintendo 64, Great Adventure has a memorable and engaging soundtrack that makes plenty of references to its predecessor but manages to stand on its own as well. More banging beats surrounded by goofy Japanese humor is delightful and worth a download wherever you get your video game soundtracks.

Our choices from this excellent sequel soundtrack:

1. A Pass is Necessary (The Barrier Station): A slow track that evokes a weird and mysterious feeling.Beat.trip.game This is about to get weirder than normal, and that’s saying a lot in any Goemon game.

2. Adventure Map (Large Map): This is a repeat song from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, specifically the Kai ~ Highway. It’s still an upbeat tune that inspires exploration.

3. At the Ryugu, Daily Life on Turtle Back: This is an interesting fast-paced track that takes a slower turn about halfway through. It’s reminiscent of some early Dance Dance Revolution tracks also. It’s dreamy and fresh.

4. Burning My Soul (Flaming Edo Castle): Going to Edo Castle is part of the ritual in Mystical Ninja games, and it’s a location you visit often. This track is fun with a taiko drum at the beginning and that signature Mystical Ninja flute and guqin sound.

5. Double Impact (Ride on Impact): Impact returns as does his special theme from Mystical Ninja. It’s one of my favorites because it’s super Japanese and fits right in wherever Impact appears.

6. Everyone’s Born From Water (Deep Sea Highway Underwater): Beautiful and gentle, this is a bouncy track that immediately invokes thoughts of mermaids. The bass line is phenomenal.

7. Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eight Happening (Night in the Underworld): Going to the underworld never sounded so good. It’s slow and has a nice beat punctuated by bird calls and what sounds like a deer scare.

8. It Can Be Explained with Plasma (Fortune teller): The hilarious fortune teller Plasma Man returns with an upgrade. His theme appears in Mystical Ninja, but this time he’s got more instruments that include a saxaphone.

9. It Can Go Underwater Too (The Sky Garden): This is a fun track that changes tempo about halfway through with the bridge. It’s nice and fits right in with the Mystical Ninja signature sound.

10. Man, This Sucks (I want Beat Mania): If you didn’t know that Konami also makes the Beatmania series, you do now. This sounds like it could have been in Beatmania at some point and early DDR, which would have been released around the same time.


Lyndsey Beatty is editor-in-chief of Gaming Insurrection. She can be reached by email at editor@gaminginsurrection.com