Disney's Aladdin blows away competition with stellar soundtrack

Beat.trip.gameAladdin is one of the greatest animated features ever drawn. Disney’s masterpiece about an impoverished boy with a heart of gold who finds a magic lamp that changes his fortunes is the basis for a great soundtrack and an even greater game. Using the events of the much-praised film, the game version features a fantastic soundtrack that borrows heavily from its source material and creates some gems of its own.


1. “See How Snakelike I Can Be:” The boss fight with scene-stealing villain Jafar is fun and the accompanying song is just as fun. It’s a rhythmic timpani drum track that actually helps with the timing of facing off against Jafar in his snake form.


2. Storming Jafar’s Palace: Though you never see in the film version just how Aladdin and Abu managed to make it inside Jafar’s palace to the main floor of action, the game handles it quite nicely with a playable section or two. The track that goes with it is equal parts adventurous and daring.


3. Cave of Wonders: A great track that plays in the section where Aladdin finds the Genie’s lamp is quite wonderful, pun intended. The melody is flirty but evokes mystery just like the titular cave.


4. The Genie’s Lamp: A riff off one of the film’s signature tracks, Friend Like Me, the Genie’s Lamp is a souped up instrumental track of the raucous single that introduces the fan-favorite Genie. All that’s missing is the late great Robin Williams’ indelible voice and we’d have that fun movie favorite that everyone knows the words to.


5. “A Snake Am I?”: This track appears in the lead up to facing off with Jafar for final time in the game. It’s a moment of preparation as well as a minute to rest after a punishing fight with Jafar in his supreme sorcerer form. The track is nice and mellow, disguising the bruising fight that lays ahead.


6. Abu Blows It: If you know how the movie goes, you know that Abu is the source of your trouble in the Cave of Wonders. His greed is directly responsible (along with Jafar) for causing you to become stuck. While your companion might be treacherous and foolish, the accompanying track is anything but. This is a tune that signals close-proximity danger and the upcoming levels of the game are everything as advertised.


7. “Direct From the Lamp:” The Genie’s proclamation of being the host of his lamp and guiding Aladdin is a welcome respite from the previous levels in the game that had Aladdin attempting to escape the Cave of Wonders. A welcome respite, indeed, that features talk from the Genie and escaping to freedom. The keyboard mix here is punctuating and the focal point, which means it steals the show.


8. Magic Carpet Ride: The showstopper is a riff off of the Academy Award and Grammy Award-winning favorite “A Whole New World.” Though there are several versions of this in the game — given that it’s the signature song of the film — this version is the most well-done. It follows the scene so well that you can sing along with the track and have it perfectly paced and timed as if you’re watching the film alongside. The instruments are well chosen, too. This is the definitive version of the track in the game.