Mortal Kombat 3's apocalyptic soundtrack hits the right notes

Mortal Kombat 3 is the modern entry in the original trilogy of Mortal Kombat. Midway and Dan Forden left the ancient martial arts tournament behind in favor of more modern apocalyptic sounds. Well, as modern as could be in 1995, when the game was first released. What we received was, in fact, one of the more interesting soundtracks in the series.


1. Choose Your Kombatant: The character select screen theme is fun and appropriately daunting. Picking your character never seemed so important based on the music alone.


2. Choose Your Destiny: Choosing your fight plan was introduced in the series with this game, and it's equally as important as choosing your character. It's obvious in this encompassing track with synth waves supporting your ultimate fateful choice.


Beat.trip.game3. Babality: A cute theme has always been needed to lighten the mood for MK and this is no exception. Turning your opponent into a baby is one of the more fun things to do in MK, and the lullaby that accompanies is light and airy.


4. Friendship: The goofier the friendship, the better for the gory series. This theme is super goofy and plays well with the various ways the cast of MK show their love for each other.


5. Noob's Dorfen: Used in the credits for some versions of MK3, Noob's stage theme is cool with a lot of drums. Fun fact: No one knew at the time, but Noob being the older Sub-Zero is hinted at here in a way. The theme sounds a lot like the future soundtrack in Sub-Zero Mythologies, which focuses on Bi-Han's adventures before he became Noob Saibot.


6. The Bank: Sounding appropriately desolate during Shao Kahn's invasion, the Bank's track is creepy yet awesome. The slow pace is frightening and fits well with the overall theme of a deserted Earth after Shao Kahn's invasion.


7. The Bridge: One of my favorite tracks in all of Mortal Kombat, the Bridge is like no other track created by Dan Forden in the early games. This is a fun track with synth horns and an interesting rhythm.


8. The Church: Reminiscent of Danny Elfman's original Batman score, the Church track is splendid. It's evocative of a place of worship during an apocalypse where souls are at stake. The organ throughout is a masterpiece.


9. The Subway: The guitar is what makes this track a standout. It's got a groove to it that is infectious and fast-paced. It fits with the desolate underground vibe of Boon and Tobias Station.


10. Soul Chamber: Having heard this track many times as the end credits for the vanilla version of Mortal Kombat 3 and playing on the stage, I'm still astounded at how awesome it sounds 27 years after release. The drums are fantastic, and the track fits the MK3 aesthetic.


Lyndsey Beatty is editor-in-chief of Gaming Insurrection. She can be reached by email at lyndseyb@gaminginsurrection.