Welcome to a new section of Gaming Insurrection: the Arcadia Journal. I frequent three arcades in the Triad area of North Carolina, and I’d like to spread the word about as many places to play arcade games as possible. Arcadia Journal will feature updates on the three arcades — Lost Ark and Tilt in Greensboro and Lazer X in Burlington — each quarter. Happy quarter munching!

Lost Ark Videogames

Of the three arcades in the Triad, Lost Ark is, by far, the best. A retro retail center and arcade rolled into one, Lost Ark features consoles and games from the Colecovision/Atari era to modern-day machines such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. They also sell toys and trinkets and replacement materials if something should go wrong with your retro console. The best part of the place, however, is the arcade. There are pinball machines galore and stand-up and table-top arcade cabinets of quite a few games. More importantly, there’s some rare games to be had in cabinet form at cheap play prices. The Vs. Super Mario Bros. here — the rare 1.5 version of the NES classic — is 25 cents per play. Fighting games are prominently displayed and garner regular competition.


Featured right now: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, X-Men the Arcade Game, Vs. Super Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, Iron Man (pinball), Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, X-Men: Children of the Atom, U.N. Squadron, Arcana Heart


If you stumbled onto the Tilt in the Four Seasons Town Centre, congratulations, because you’re probably one of the few who have. It’s nestled WAY back in the giant shopping extravaganza that is Four Seasons, and from the looks of the bustle — or lack thereof — it would seem very few people know it’s there. That’s a shame, because there are some really great games in the arcade. The machines appear to be kept up and well-maintained, and it’s got quite a few different genres of games throughout. If you can find it in the Centre (it’s near the GameStop), stop in and play some older classics such as Virtua Fighter 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.


Featured right now: Virtua Fighter 3, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Lazer X

A nifty place for playing Lazer Tag in Burlington, we accidentally found the place one night while out roaming. There’s not much here except for a few light-gun games, ski ball machines and a Dance Dance Revolution Extreme machine. That’s quite a shock because not only is it a second DDR Extreme machine in the Triad, but also it’s a working machine with well-maintained dance pads, fully unlocked song list, memory card slots that may or may not function and a decent set list per price. For 50 cents, you get four songs, which is exceptionally good for an Extreme machine. The arcade is tucked away in a shopping center off Church Street, but it’s a nice quiet place to play DDR.


Featured right now: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme