Land of Oz

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Land of Oz, known as the arcade of Northeast Columbia, died in 1986.

Born in the now-defunct Decker Mall, the Land of Oz lived a distinctive short life situated on Decker Boulevard, not far from other known locations such as Galaxy World and Aladdin’s Castle in the Arcade Triangle.

Land of Oz is survived by the Dentsville Magistrate’s office and Richland County government offices.

Private services were held at the Decker Mall in 1986.

Galaxy World

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Galaxy World, one of the first arcades in Columbia, S.C., died in the 1980s after a short illness during the Great Arcade Recession of the early 1980s.

Born on Two Notch Road at what is now the site of a golf center retail location, Galaxy World was rumored to have been located at the site of a now Harley Davidson motorcycle retail shop or the Spring Valley Antiques shop.

Galaxy World is survived by the Golf Headquarters on Two Notch Road.

Clearing up confusion


The original location was the Golf Headquarters on Two Notch Road, which was closed in 2011. The Edwin Watts Golf Center has also closed, in 2014. Capital City Cycles remains as does the Spring Valley Antique Mall.