Amiibos welcome


Gaming Insurrection is in the video game journalism industry for a reason: We love to play video games. We also have a well-known love of anything retro and this extends to Nintendo. That love has grown from the days of the NES to the recent Wii U. With the advent of amiibo in 2014, the opportunity to collect Nintendo-related merchandise skyrocketed and became a driving force for the Wii U and the 3DS series.

GI began collecting amiibo with the purchase of a Wii U and the NFC Reader/Writer in 2015, and we've been immersed in the world of collecting and unlocking since. We celebrate our love of the Nintendo figurines this issue with a look at how they work and what they can be used for within our growing collection of games.

LISTEN: Gaming Insurrection Editor-in-Chief Lyndsey Hicks delves into the world of amiibo collecting.