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Top 5 on The Strip: Things wrong with the Super Mario Bros. movie

1. Their names aren’t Mario and Luigi Mario According to the authoritative guide to all things Mario – MushroomKingdom.net – the script called for the Mario Bros. to have a last name. The characters were never given names in the … Continue reading

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Property review: Super Mario Bros. Super Show & The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario impresses in cartoon form Super Mario Bros. Super Show Vol. 1 When you’re able to have a live-action show and you’re a household name throughout the world, you can afford to do whatever you want and take whatever licenses … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #23: Animated Mario has wins, losses over the years

Cartoons, to me, fall in the same sphere as anime and comic books. If you tell a good story, I don’t care what medium you choose to tell it in. If it happens to be about something I love, chances … Continue reading

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