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Top 5 on The Strip: Dr. Strange foes

Baron Mordo — Baron Mordo started as Strange’s competition to become an apprentice to the Ancient One. Because of jealousy, Mordo eventually betrayed the duo leading Strange to take the position and in time become the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #10: Dr. Strange

NAME: Stephen Vincent Strange AFFILIATION: Avengers, Squadron Supreme, Defenders SPECIAL ABILITIES: Overall, the most Supreme mastery of magic and mystical energies than anyone else on Earth. Astral projection, telepathic communication and possession of mystical objects that enable flight as well … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner #09: Death Note Vol. 4

Death Note Vol. 4 slows action Readers, welcome back to Otaku Corner. In this issue we continue to look at the worldwide smash manga series “Death Note.” For those that have just started to read Otaku Corner and Death Note, … Continue reading

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Property review: Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme Lionsgate, 2007 Dr. Strange DVD conjures fine story Dr. Strange is strange, indeed. He’s got the potential to be a top-tier character, yet he’s not out there for Marvel that much. However, he has received … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #10: Just where did Charles Xavier go wrong?

Charles Xavier: Former leader of the X-Men, founder of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Morally ambiguous leader who mind wipes foes. Yes, Xavier is capable of great things and then there’s that tendency for him to get into the … Continue reading

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