Anime Lounge: The Masterful Cat is … Ep. 1-6

Series: The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today

Episodes: 1-6 reviewed (of 13)

Premise: An office worker, Saku Fukuzawa, has rescued a black Maine Coon named Yukichi and taken him home to her absolutely filthy apartment. Slowly but surely, Saku changes her life for the better. Her apartment gets cleaner, and she starts eating better and living better. It turns out these changes are because Yukichi has grown abnormally large and taken over the chores of the household. What follows is the day to day of Yukichi and how Saku struggles with having an abnormally large almost human cat in her house and life.

Is it worth watching?: Yes. If you’re a cat lover, you’re going to love the fact that a large cat is running his human’s household. The humor that results from humans around Yukichi not believing he is a cat is absolutely hilarious.

Breakout character: Yukichi. The masterful cat absolutely steals every scene he is in simply because he’s a large, adorable cat.

Where it’s going?: It’s interesting to see how many people are going to figure out that Yukichi is a real cat. Also, Saku’s relationship with her boss may turn into something romantically viable.

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