Property Review: Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios, 2023

Loki Season 2 worth the wait

What a ride. Loki has consistently proven himself to be the showstopper we all knew him to be after the first Thor film. Whether it’s stealing the Tesseract (and scenes) in Avengers or stealing hearts in Thor: Ragnarök, we all knew that Loki had a ton of mischief to get up to and quality to uphold when his solo show was announced. And, boy, was that done well.
We’ve discussed at length in the Strip about the first season of the show, how glorious it was (Editor’s note: See Issue 40), and how we were eagerly anticipating the second season. In the two years between airings, we dissected everything about the show and the implications for the future of the MCU. We lauded Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the mainstay villain and his redemption arc turning him into the antihero we always knew him to be. But, we had questions about where it was going to go and how it would look once we got here. And now we’re here. And it is glorious.

Season 2 picks up where we last left off with Loki tumbling back into the TVA and realizing he’s somewhere … different. One of the questions we had in the Season 1 finale was, where or when is Loki? It was a big twist that we felt had huge implications with its answer. We were correct, because given that it’s a show about time, immediately answering that it’s when that’s important here sets the tone for the entirety of Season 2. You’re going to go on a fantastic journey through space and time, mostly focused on the branching of time and weaving of time. Most importantly, we get origin stories for our now-beloved characters and a more coherent understanding of the multiverse and variants.

The best part of all of this is Hiddleston and the surrounding cast. We’re always impressed with the way Hiddleston gives us glimpses into Loki’s being and then blows us away with a quiet moment that no one sees coming. His depth and skill at playing this character after 12 years is outstanding and further cements the fact that he is the best part of it all, even now. His surrounding cast is also impressive.

Owen Wilson – who has quietly and consistently crept into the conversation of meaty range and depth over the years – absolutely shines here as Mobius. His performance makes it feel as if he’s always been part of the crew of Marvel, and we hope there is more Mobius to go around in the future.

Sophia Di Martino is another standout, and we need to go on record for a minute to talk about her chemistry with Hiddleston. She knocks it out of the park in every scene – with special mention for episode 5’s record store scene – and they are phenomenal together in every scene this season. The growth that both actors put into who could be one-dimensional characters is obvious and we love to see it.

Jonathan Majors continues to be fantastic in his portrayal of Kang and his variants, with us noting that he effortlessly showed us different versions of the same man in a million different ways. He is to be lauded and we await the outcome of his off-screen troubles because it has major implications for where Kang will go and become.

Wunmi Mosaku as B-15 continues to be fantastic as well. We have learned to look to her measured portrayal as the voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic show and she does it with a ton of aplomb and stoic reason. We’re looking for Mosaku in a lot of other things from now on.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw continues to delight as Ravonna Renslayer. Learning her motivations this season and watching her unravel in her quest to understand what the TVA was and is has been a joy. We don’t know where she’s going from here, but Mbatha-Raw is fun to watch.

And last but not least, series newcomer Ke Huy Quan has been absolutely fun to watch. He shows up in the first episode and makes an immediately favorable first impression, knocking our socks off with his quick-witted delivery and enthusiasm. He’s quickly become one of our favorite characters, and we hope OB hangs around to keep the TVA solid. He’s crucial and we’re glad to see him join our ragtag band of time jumpers.
Support characters Casey and Brad/X-5 are also fun additions, and we’re glad to see they were fleshed out just as much as the rest of the crew. And the call back from Casey’s not knowing what a fish was in the first episode of Season 1 versus his origin story mention in Season 2 was an especially nice touch.

Now that we know where Loki is going with its Season 2 finale – and how it ties into the future of the MCU, we’re sad and anxious because it means no more Loki. The story has been told and Loki has gained his glorious purpose, but he’s around. Will he be around for more story? It’s hard to tell, but what a ride it has been to get here with this review. Our MCU savior is apparently here. And glorious.

Acting: 10
Like the comics: 10
Production: 10

Total score: 30/30 or 10

We score the properties in three categories: Casting (or voice acting in cases of animated), plot and similarities to its source material. Each category receives points out of the maximum of 10 per category and 30 overall. The percentage is the final score.

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