Anime Lounge: Afro Samurai Resurrection

Series: Afro Samurai Resurrection

Episodes: 1

Premise: The Afro Samurai is revealed as the wielder of the No. 1 Headband and has retired, not having fought for years. He encounters his old friend Jinno, who was turned into an emotionless cyborg; and Jinno’s sister, Lady Sio, who intends to resurrect Afro’s father as a servant. Sio succeeds and Afro deals with the onslaught from the three that follows.

Is it worth watching?: If you loved the original Afro Samurai, watch the follow-up. It’s not nearly as good as the original, but it’s serviceable because of the all-star voice cast and the RZA’s soundtrack. Just be forewarned that it isn’t on the level of the original in terms of story.

Breakout character: Jinno. Though he was in the original, he shines in Resurrection. You understand why he’d go to the lengths he goes to fight Afro and seek his revenge, and you can sympathize with his plight. Sometimes, there are fates worse than death.

Where it’s going?: This is the end, though it was hinted that there could be more to come with the reappearance of Afro’s old foe Justice. However, nothing else has come to fruition since it aired in 2009.

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