Top 5 on The Strip: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Top-Tier edition

The weather witch has always been a fan favorite and is consistently top tier in the Versus series. She’s no different in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Her rushdown skills, potent super moves, and ability to work well with other top-tier characters makes her an instant anchor for a lot of tournament teams.

So, let’s establish that any version of Magneto is top tier and godlike. Especially deadly in MvC2, Magneto’s chain bread and butter Hyper Grav-Magnetic Tempest is potent enough to one-character victory nearly everyone in the game if used by the right player. Many tournament teams center on Mags with a setup assist such as Psylocke.

The MvC2 newcomer is one of the most divisive-yet-high-usage characters in the game. Cable dominates nearly every matchup, he’s countered by himself and Spiral, and learning the tricks to his repertoire (Tiger Knee Air Hyper Viper Beam and no ground beam mean a whole new level of play) only helps better play. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to learn the character because you’ll be seeing him often.

The machine beast is nearly perfect. Highly damaging and capable of destroying teams quickly, Sentinel is a frequent anchor on tournament teams. Throw in fly/unfly combos and he’s a force to be reckoned with. He also pairs well with the other top characters and can be played as a point character or a deadly assist just waiting for his chance to wreck entire teams.

Quirky yet effective, Spiral is a great point and assist character. Mostly, she’s used on point to counter Cable, as she can teleport around his Air Hyper Viper Beam easily. But her main attraction is the Wall of Swords tactic, where she initiates Dancing Swords in a timed rhythm that locks down the opposing team. She can hang and bang with the rest of the top-tier echelon, and she works well with nearly every other lockdown pairing on the roster.

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