Anime Lounge: Ruroni Kenshin Ep. 1-12

Series: Ruroni Kenshin

Episodes: 1-12

Premise: A mysterious samurai assassin – the Hitokiri Battousai – stumbles into the dojo of Kaoru Kamiya as a wandering swordsman in need of a place to stay. He defeats another swordsman claiming to be the Hitokiri and offers to help Kaoru. During his stay, the people of the town and Kaoru come to know him as Himura Kenshin and slowly love him for the kind and gentle person he has become since his days as the feared Hitokiri.

Is it worth watching?: Yes. It’s a classic – premiering in 1996 – and should be on everyone’s watch list at least for one viewing. The characters are great, learning about Kenshin’s past is interesting and it features samurai and is set during the Meji era. The setting alone is definitely worth the price of admission.

Breakout character: Himura Kenshin. He’s the obvious protagonist of the story and finding out more about him is the name of the game here. Also, he’s adorable until you learn about his past, and that makes him even more worthy of attention.

Where it’s going?: Learning more about Kenshin and his past life as an assassin is going to figure prominently. Folks from his past and future will begin to appear, and the reasons for his new life will start to take shape.

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