Top 5 on The Strip: Marvel Puzzle Quest edition

1. 5-star: Shang-Chi
Some of the deadliest hands in all of Marvel Puzzle Quest belong to the master of the Ten Rings. Shang-Chi hits like a truck at low levels, but once he’s championed and gets River of Blows combos going, it’s a whole new world of damage possibilities. A champed Shang-Chi has the potential do 200,000-plus points of damage with only three or four matches.

2. 4-star: Polaris
The madame of magnetism is a game-changer the moment you unlock her. She works well by herself, but when paired with the right characters, she’s almost game-breaking. All of her abilities are excellent and, when utilized correctly, make her a PvP wrecking crew. She’s immediately a target to remove first when she shows up on a team.

3. 3-star: Doctor Strange
There are a lot solid 3-star characters out there, but Doctor Strange takes the crown with one ability: Flames of the Faltine. At champion levels, Strange does massive damage any time an enemy fires a power voluntarily. Strange can quickly clear goon squads and whittle enemy health away without you doing a ton of work.

4. 2-star: Storm
The mistress of the elements is a needed 2-star character simply for her blue ability. She does massive damage to the entire team and stuns the target for multiple turns, which is awesome when you need to make waves quickly and clear a room. She’s got low health but keeping her protected to do that level of damage is what you’re after with this powerhouse.

5. 1-star: Spider-Man
Many longtime and knowledgeable MPQ players suggest keeping Spider-Man as the only 1-star on your roster for several good reasons. He’s versatile and does enough damage on his own with low-cost moves that he can take out goon squads alone. His stunning ability is also great to slow some goons down, making him the best of the class.

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