Strip Talk #34: Let us heartily pontificate on WB’s implosion

Whew, where do we begin in the whirlwind downfall of DC in the past several months? Just as we heaved a collective sigh of relief at the Justice League Snyder Cut being … better … than its theatrical release, out of nowhere came news that Warner Bros. disowned Zack Snyder, cut Batgirl and instituted massive layoffs.

Sure, we’re still getting The Flash’s solo movie – maybe – because Ezra Miller just lost their mind completely. But the movie is finished – we think, don’t quote us – so it’s got to go somewhere, and Warner Bros. seems keen to keep Miller around.

However, we don’t have a clear-cut Batman with Ben Affleck up in the air. Some weeks he’s still going to play Bruce Wayne and the Bat and then some weeks, well, we just don’t know. Robert Pattison is still hanging out after the success of The Batman, but he, too, is a maybe.

And then there’s Henry Cavill’s status as Superman. It’s much like Affleck’s status: Sometimes he’s still Superman and then he’s not and he’s out and they have to start the search for the newest Man of Steel. As of press time, he’s officially back as the character, but it was weird and distracting and wholly unnecessary. Cavill is excellent as Superman, and it’s not a good look to leave him dangling.

You know what else isn’t a good look? Firing a bunch of people during a time of upheaval, sickness and death. No one should be worried about their jobs during a global pandemic. But guess what DC and Warner Bros. Discovery employees are doing? Worrying about who’s getting the ax next. They’ve cut the Batgirl film also, which is a lot of jobs also gone up in smoke. Nope, not a good look, especially during the still-going pandemic.
And let us not ignore the blight Warner Bros. is affecting at Cartoon Network. Messing around with that mainstay of cartoon goodness and screwing creators out of their work is definitely a bad look. Folks remember when you are trash to your talent. The trash business practices stick with folks long after you’ve managed to clean up your balance sheet.

We try to equally praise DC as much as we adulate for Marvel around these parts, but it’s really hard to do so when DC takes out the knife it constantly removes from its own back and replaces it with an even bigger broadsword of self-sabotage smithing.

Lyndsey Beatty is editor-in-chief of Gaming Insurrection. She can be reached by email at lyndseyb[at]

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