Top 5 on the Strip: Comic book squads edition

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles: The green crew with atti­tude shows up on a vari­ety of our favorite lists. We grew up in an era where the Tur­tles ruled every­thing for a good solid three years, cul­mi­nat­ing with the sec­ond live-action film. What most of the youn­gins didn’t know is that the Tur­tles got their start in comics in black-and-white incar­na­tions in 1984. The comics are highly sought after now because of their rarity.

The X-Men: Charles Xavier’s men have always been our favorite group of super­heroes. The merry mutants have always been at the fore­front of soci­etal issues (mutan­tism equals racism to a degree), and the group has always been relat­able. We’re excited that the comic book main­stays are com­ing into the MCU at some point; they deserve to be done justice.

The Avengers: Given there are numer­ous line­ups and dif­fer­ent loca­tions for the Avengers, we must nar­row down this pick to any squad fea­tur­ing Steve Rogers’ Cap­tain Amer­ica. To us, it isn’t the Avengers proper unless Rogers is involved to lead the charge. And, yes, we’re quite fond of the Mar­vel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse ver­sion of the group.

Jus­tice League: No list on squads would be com­plete with­out the cur­rent DC uni­verse lineup. Every­one on the squad is nec­es­sary: There is no Jus­tice League with­out Super­man, Bat­man, Won­der Woman, the Flash, Aqua­man or Cyborg. Despite the most recent movie not being a cohe­sive flick, the squad rep­re­sented there is the core expe­ri­ence that is the Jus­tice League. Also, it made Aqua­man cool.

The Boys: Rel­a­tively obscure until the recently fan­tas­tic Ama­zon Prime show, the Boys are great at one thing: stop­ping the dia­bol­i­cal supes of their uni­verse. Billy Butcher is cool as hell, and his entire crew is messed up in some way but loyal and awe­some. In the same vein, the Seven are amoral and ridicu­lously lead by Home­lander but just as shady and more weird than the Boys.

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