Character highlight #22: Iceman

Name: Robert Louis DrakeIceman - fix

Alias: Ice­man, Bobby Drake, Frozen One, Frosty, Drake Roberts, Ice­face, Iceheart

Affil­i­a­tion: X-Men, X-Factor, Mur­der Cir­cus, Excel­siors, The Twelve, Cho­sen, Defend­ers, Secret Defend­ers, Champions

Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Ice­man is clas­si­fied as an “omega-level mutant.” Ice­man can lower his body tem­per­a­ture and gen­er­ate intense cold from the atmos­phere around him. With his body tem­per­a­ture low­ered, he can pro­duce ice struc­tures, gen­er­ate and fully con­trol ice, and freeze  and unfreeze any­thing. He can manip­u­late ice on a cel­lu­lar level, use ther­mal vision as well as gen­er­ate clones and freeze the Earth and spread his con­scious­ness through­out the ice on a global scale.

Back­ground: Robert Drake lived a nor­mal life until one day, as a teenager, he was on a date with a young woman when a bully from school attacked. He pointed his hand at the bully and the attack­ing boy was encased in a block of ice. A local mob heard of the inci­dent and gath­ered to lynch Bobby. After being placed in jail to keep away from the mob, fel­low found­ing X-Men mem­ber Scott Sum­mers came to res­cue him. He and Sum­mers fought until Charles Xavier arrived to save both teens. He joined the team with other found­ing mem­bers Jean Grey, War­ren Wor­thing­ton III and Hank McCoy and bat­tled early X-Men foes Mag­neto and Jug­ger­naut. While on the team he fur­ther devel­oped his pow­ers and gained con­trol of them. As a found­ing mem­ber of the X-Men, he was cap­tured by the sen­tient island of Krakoa and was res­cued by the next gen­er­a­tion of the team. He later quit the X-Men and founded X-Factor with the other orig­i­nal mem­bers of the X-Men.

Rela­tion­ships: Opal Tanaka (girl­friend); Annie Ghazikhan­ian (girl­friend); Lorna Dane (Polaris), girl­friend; Raven Dark­holme (Mys­tique), girl­friend. Note: Robert Drake’s sex­u­al­ity has been con­firmed as gay.

First Ver­sus appear­ance: X-Men: Chil­dren of the Atom

Appear­ances in other media: The Mar­vel Super Heroes (ani­mated), Spider-Man and His Amaz­ing Friends (ani­mated), X-Men: The Ani­mated Series (ani­mated), X-Men: Evo­lu­tion (ani­mated), Wolver­ine and the X-Men (ani­mated), The Super Hero Squad Show (ani­mated), X-Men (film), X2: X-Men United (film), X3: The Last Stand (film), X-Men: Days of Future Past (film), Fan­tas­tic Four (1997, video game), X-Men: Chil­dren of the Atom (video game), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com (video game), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (video game), X-Men Leg­ends (video game), X-Men Leg­ends II: Rise of Apoc­a­lypse (video game), Mar­vel: Ulti­mate Alliance (video game), Mar­vel: Ulti­mate Alliance 2 (video game), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3 (video game), Ulti­mate Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3 (video game), X-Men: Des­tiny (video game), Mar­vel Super Hero Squad Online (video game), Mar­vel Avengers: Bat­tle for Earth (video game), Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes (video game), Mar­vel Heroes (video game)

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