Top 5 on The Strip: Best X-Men arcs

God Loves Man Kills

1. God Loves, Man Kills

The mutant strug­gle against one of the X-Men’s most human pro­tag­o­nists is a tragic tale of self hate and big­otry. It’s eas­ily one of the most sor­row­ful tales of the lengths homosapi­ens will go to in their efforts to erad­i­cate mutan­tkind. William Stryker is the leader of the anti-mutant move­ment and stops at noth­ing to pun­ish mutants in the eyes of other humans and the media.

Days of Future Past

2. Days of Future Past

One of the more recent X-Men movies, Days of Future Past shows what would hap­pen if the Sen­tinels, mutant-hunting robots, took over North Amer­ica and even­tu­ally the world. It’s a good look at the effects of a sin­gu­lar event affect­ing mul­ti­ple realities.


3. Onslaught

If Pro­fes­sor Charles Xavier were to lose him­self in the cause of fight­ing mutant hate and believed in the goals of his neme­sis Mag­neto, Onslaught would be the result. The merged con­scious­ness of two of the great­est minds in mutancy does not equal a good being and what becomes the gen­e­sis of Xavier giv­ing up the fight even temporarily.

Messiah Complex

4. Mes­siah Complex

A child born with the pos­si­bil­ity to save mutants in their dark­est hour makes up the Mes­siah Com­plex sto­ry­line. Although it’s cen­tered on a child with the name Sum­mers, it’s inter­est­ing to see what hap­pens when Cable – a known battle-hardened war­rior – becomes slightly more human when he’s tasked with pro­tect­ing a child.

Age of Apocalypse

5. Age of Apocalypse

One of the largest sto­ries ever to come to the X-Men fold, the Age of Apoc­a­lypse is the focal point for a lot of changes in the X-Men uni­verse, and, Mar­vel at large. Apoc­a­lypse man­ages to take over North Amer­ica and kill numer­ous impor­tant mutants in the process. The fall­out con­tin­ues to ran­kle some sto­ry­lines today.

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