Anime Lounge #08: Lovely Complex Ep. 1–12

Lovely ComplexSeries: Lovely Complex

Episodes: 1 to 12


Premise: Two high school sopho­mores, Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ōtani, are friends. That’s not out of the ordi­nary, but their phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics are: Koizumi is 5-foot-8, and Ōtani is 5-foot-1. Each are attracted to the oppo­site of their stature, as Koizumi has con­fessed to a short boy before and Ōtani has had a crush on a tall girl. They nor­mally get along and have things in com­mon but their pre­vi­ous con­fes­sions are a stum­bling block that keeps them from real­iz­ing that they are per­fect for each other. Koizumi man­ages to real­ize it first and so begins her strug­gle to get her best friend to notice that they belong together.

Is it worth watch­ing? YES. The episodes are gen­uinely funny and you learn as the char­ac­ters learn to accept each other as is. Nei­ther Koizumi nor Ōtani can help their height in life, but they slowly real­ize that it’s not the out­side that’s impor­tant; it’s the inside that counts. This is quite pos­si­bly one of the best roman­tic com­edy anime out there.

Break­out char­ac­ter: Koizumi. She’s the roman­tic female lead of the anime, but she shines on her own almost imme­di­ately. You root for her despite her awk­ward­ness and you want to see her suc­ceed because she has a great heart. Also, her fash­ion sense is unpar­al­leled in nearly any other anime out there. She should prob­a­bly do well because of that alone.

Fun­ni­est episode: Episode 12, “Recap­ture Love! Improve as a Girl with Hon­mei Choco­late!!” It’s got a few moments of humor mixed in with drama, but the humor is sub­tle and makes sev­eral sit­u­a­tions a lit­tle more bear­able than one would think as you’re watch­ing them. The out­right fun­ni­est part of the episode is when Koizumi throws a box of choco­late at Ōtani, which is hilar­i­ous when you real­ize that she really wants him to take that chocolate.

Where it’s going: The root­ing value of Koizumi and Ōtani increases a great deal. You’re going to see just how much it takes for a cou­ple to get together and how the change in rela­tion­ship between two long­time friends can make them bet­ter peo­ple. Also, their lives are com­ing to a crit­i­cal junc­tion and how that plays out is impor­tant, as well.

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