Top 5 on The Strip: Marvel supers edition

Cable-Time Flip

Cable, “Time Flip”

Cable is game-breaking. Cable is top tier. Cable is one of the few char­ac­ters that can coun­ter­act him­self in the game’s tier rank­ings. So, when his least usable super is shouted, you’re prob­a­bly going to be shocked enough to get hit by it. Time Flip is use­less, but it looks cool. Also, it’s taken 13 years to fig­ure out if he’s say­ing time slip or time flip. We’ve set­tled mostly on flip. And noth­ing is more cool than watch­ing Cable shake his fist angrily when he misses with the move and wastes super meter. We hate Cable.

 Spiral-Hyper Metamorphose

Spi­ral, “Metamorphose”

Amaz­ingly, this super isn’t used that much if you’re fight­ing a lot of Spi­ral play­ers. And you will, because she’s a pop­u­lar girl. And by pop­u­lar, we mean just about any­one who has any knowl­edge about tiers in MvC2 will know that she’s worth using. The Dance isn’t used that widely because why use it when you can throw a wall of Danc­ing Swords? But we digress. The move still looks cool as hell as she morphs into all of the Mar­vel ros­ter. Pro­tip: The move always ends with her kick­ing you in the face as Cyclops.

 Blackheart-Heart of Darkness

Black­heart, “Heart of Darkness”

Once upon a time, there was a team nick­named Team Gig­gles. The trio was com­posed of Black­heart, M. Bison and Dr. Doom. Black­heart, of the demented group, seems to do the most gig­gling and it’s mostly because of this super. For a dude who’s the spawn of the lead demon in Marvel’s Hell, he sure seems to have a lot to laugh about. And, no doubt, if you’re able to con­nect this after trap­ping some­one with a pre­vi­ous Inferno and watch­ing your lit­tle demon friends come out do mas­sive dam­age, you’re prob­a­bly going to gig­gle a bit, too.

 Iron Man-Proton Cannon

Iron Man, “Pro­ton Cannon”

It was hard to choose between Iron Man’s ver­sion or War Machine’s ver­sion of the big beam super. We love the sim­plic­ity with Iron Man’s move, but we also love War Machine throw­ing out that ran­dom “It’s my Sun­day best!” in Mar­vel vs. Cap­com, too. It was too cool to attempt to fig­ure out what War Machine was get­ting at the first time around. And that giant super beam of doom? Good luck block­ing that thing if Iron Man decides to use it. At least he isn’t using the Iron Man infinite.

 Rogue-Goodnight Sugah

Rogue, “Good Night Sugah”

Rogue doesn’t have much to go on here, but the one super she has is cute. Sure, it’s pretty obvi­ous that she’s going to do it. And you’re going to have try to get around the crazy con­cept of block­ing that your oppo­nent has. But, hey, once you launch that rush and you con­nect with your kiss of attribute thiev­ery, you’re well on your way. And the fact that the theft of an attribute hap­pens is pretty amaz­ing. You have to love this par­tic­u­lar brand of South­ern charm.

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