Top 5 on The Strip: Unknown black superheroes

By Jamie Mosley, Gaming Insurrection

This quarter, I would like to pay tribute to those superheroes who usually do their jobs with little fanfare or fame. Of course, all superheroes, receive fame. But these heroes are the ones you don’t hear about often. They do their job and most are in a supporting role. But support or not, these five deserve their spot in our hearts. Here are cheers to those tanned super ones that always come through in the end.

James Rhodes / War Machine


What can I say about the man who was Iron Man when Tony Stark had some “issues” to attend to? Rhodes was the one that put Iron Man in the West Coast Avengers. In many cases, Tony Stark has stated that James Rhodes’ Iron Man was the type of superhero that he strives to be like. Rhodes’ Iron Man gained many fans, but it wasn’t until he received the War Machine suit that the fan applauded. War Machine was the hero that you called in to either stop a war from starting or to start and finish a war. In other words, War Machine can talk the talk and walk the walk all while buffing the scratches off his shiny finish.

John Stewart / Green Lantern


Selected as a back up for Hal Jordan, John Stewart showed that he didn’t just want to save lives; he wanted to change them as well. He is the kind of hero that knows that he is a role model to someone even if he hasn’t even met them. He understands that being a public superhero means you must think from all angles. Although Jordan disagreed with the Green Lantern Corps’ decision to make Stewart a member of the group, he later realized that Stewart is just what they needed. A smart, cunning guy with a belligerent attitude that wants to make a difference in the universe. Could you ask for anything more from a person who can create green creatures to fight and protect others?

Jill Carlyle / Crimson Avenger


OK, so Carlyle is more like an antihero, but she still saves the day all the same. Carlyle as the Crimson Avenger is the spirit of vengeance. Anyone who received an unjustly and ill-timed end knows that Ms. Carlyle will be there to avenge them. Although she must experience the death of those she receives as assignments, she will do whatever is necessary to complete this assignment. This includes defeating other heroes. Her guns have wounded Superman, Power Girl and Captain Atom. She is immortal, intangible and has a constantly bleeding gunshot wound to the chest. She sometimes fights against heroes or with them, but the end result is still the same: The bad guy loses to her.

Misty Knight


This former NYPD officer is the kind of hero that we all read and hear about in the news. She solves those cases that no one seems to be able to solve. And, after Tony Stark gave her a bionic arm that allows her to lift 800 pounds, solving cases becomes a lot easier for her. Misty is one of the world’s best detectives. I don’t know about you, but I would sleep a lot better knowing that people like her are out there working.

Sineya / The First Slayer


If it wasn’t for the daughter of Sineya, would we even know who Buffy Summers is? It is written that the First Slayer was tied down against her will and shamans implanted the essence of a demon into her. This allowed her to gain strength, stamina and animal instinct. This spirit now mainly offers aid to slayers through wisdom. She once told Buffy that death was her gift, which caused Buffy to later sacrifice her life to save millions. When Buffy was campaigning against the First Evil, the First Slayer told Buffy that her current efforts weren’t enough. So Buffy made more Slayers to defeat it. If it wasn’t for the First Slayer, we all either would be sucking blood, demon food or food for a giant insect creature.

*All photos courtesy of the DC, Marvel and Top Horse comics wikia.
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