Marvel character highlight #04: Juggernaut

NAME: Cain Marko

AFFILIATION: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Unstoppable force once moving, superhuman strength, endurance and immortality through the gem of Cyttorak.

BACKGROUND: Cain Marko became part of Charles Xavier’s family through the marriage of his father and Xavier’s mother. Cain bullied Charles at any opportunity because of several factors, including the fact that his father was abusive and because Cain was jealous of Charles’ success and intelligence. Later, Cain joined the army and was sent to Korea. It was here during an expedition that Cain stumbled upon the Gem of Cyttorak, an artifact of a lost civilization. Upon reading the inscription, Cain was transformed into a living avatar of the gem. He was lost in a cave-in shortly after that took years for him to dig his way out of. The gem, however, sustained him. He has no need of food, water or oxygen. He is immortal and once moving is an unstoppable force through the magic of the gem. He is not, however, a mutant. According to classified documents on the X-Men adversaries, Cain is a mystical being and avatar of a god. He has menaced the X-Men since though in alternate universes such as the Age of Apocalypse, he has been part of the group that he hates with all of his being. Juggernaut is also known as a freelance worker for hire, sometimes teaming with Black Tom Cassidy or working with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

RELATIONSHIPS: Charles Xavier, stepbrother. David Heller (Legion), uncle.


APPEARANCES IN OTHER MEDIA: Marvel vs. Capcom (arcade), Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (arcade), X-Men Legends (PlayStation 2/Xbox), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Wii/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3), X-Men the Animated Series (television), X-Men: The Last Stand (film), X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PlayStation 2/Xbox), X-Men: Next Dimension (Xbox/PlayStation 2/GameCube), X-Men: Evolution (television), Wolverine and the X-Men animated series (television), Spider-Man & The X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge (SNES), Uncanny X-Men (NES), X-Men (arcade), Marvel Super Heroes (arcade).

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