Top 5 List: Most useless villains edition

Every villain has a uselessness level. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you make good on your master’s plans and actually accomplish the death of a superhero, you’re closer to 1. If you can’t get the job done, you’re moving a little higher on the scale. And trust us, both comic powerhouses have a few on the higher end.

Locomotive Breath/Marvel

Locomotive Breath (Marvel)
Fought: War Machine
Useless level: 6
With a name like Locomotive Breath, it’s only a matter of time before you have put up or shut up. He did neither and that’s why he only appeared in two issues before disappearing back into obscurity. He may have been an Eternal but, really, his name stops any serious discussion about misdeeds cold.


DeSaad (DC)
Fought: Superman
Useless level: 1
As the right-hand man to Man of Steel arch nemesis Darkseid, DeSaad actually did some pretty nasty deeds in the name of evil and his master’s wrath. If he’d only broken off a little sooner, he could have avoided the beatdown Darkseid liked to inflict for failure. Otherwise, DeSaad was a bad man that played both sides of the coin when it came to the chance for more power.


The Quintessons (Transformers)
Fought: Autobots and Decepticons
Useless level: 3
More annoying than useless, the Quintessons were actually dangerous. They served as the judges, jury and executioners for the warring factions that used to live on Cybertron. If you want to see the extent of their usefulness, watch the 1986 animated movie. They weren’t too bad there and actually served a purpose such as condemning everyone to die.


Silvermane (Marvel)
Fought: Spider-Man
Useless level: 4
Silvermane is actually kind of cool. He employs a bionic body, aging and de-aging abilities and takes on Kingpin for control of his criminal empire. Because of his age, he takes on his criminal name. Not bad, old-timer. Not bad.

Edgar Plunder/Marvel

Edgar Plunder (Marvel)
Fought: Captain America
Useless level: 7
OK, the name is a keeper but he was still useless. If you’re going to fight Captain America at least have the sense to do something amazing. But he hasn’t. He’s done nothing remarkable other than have an impersonator that was killed by the Punisher. Boring. Who hasn’t been killed or threatened by the Punisher?

All photos courtesy of the Marvel and DC Wikia sites

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