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Editorial #03: E3 is just around the corner

It really seems like just yesterday that Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 was up and running and we at GI were watching conferences while hurriedly writing summaries. In fact, it probably was just yesterday for all that I know since my sense of time isn’t like everyone else. Anyway, it won’t be long before E32010 graces us with more news and commentary than gamers care for. Oh what am I saying? This is literally my favorite time of year.

E3 is old hat for me now. Back when it was the cool thing to do circa 1995, I wanted to go. I wanted to experience the glitz and glamor of gaming’s biggest three days. Well that all changed when I realized that I have to have money, transportation, lodging, a job to get the money and transportation and time off from said job to get across the country. Kids can dream, right? Well, that dream fizzled with the prospect of actual work being involved. Sort of like my dream of visiting Japan but I digress. E3 is best experienced away from the razzle dazzle for me and I’d rather much watch the conferences online than potentially have to get on a plane. In my mind planes = death. Nevermind that we haven’t had a major incident in at least two years. No planes for me if I don’t have to or ever if I had my druthers.

So that leaves me with catching the show online. Thankfully, technology has decided to be awesome during the past decade so the quality of my show isn’t bad. With every major worldwide gaming media outlet crammed into auditoriums it’s now easier than ever to watch a show live and later if you need to make adjustments to notes. And speaking of notes, yours truly will be doing her best to get it together this year with comprehensive ideas. Last year was a disaster as I was attempting to watch while designing newspaper pages. Say it with me: Newspaper page design and E3 do not mix. Also, there was a debacle concerning our level of coverage (read: I didn’t particularly want to do the work of four people after having help flake out at the last minute). That certainly won’t happen this year because we know our goal: Talk about the important stuff. Putting E3 into perspective is important when you’re planning six pages of news over three days.

I won’t bore you with the details of planning a news operation but it’s not easy finding the time to get everything and everyone together. In addition to the layout and design, there’s art acquisition, recording the podcast and writing summaries of the most important information. I don’t have to dwell too much on the fact that a college education that centered on newsgathering comes in handy particularly at this time of year … go Gamecocks!

So it’s just a matter of putting on my editor-in-chief hat and rolling with what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony throw at me.

Lyndsey M. Mosley

Editor, Gaming Insurrection


05 2010

2nd Quarter 2010 launches!

Gaming Insurrection proudly presents the 2nd Quarter 2010 issue.

In the issue:

1. Feature: Playing retro imports – Gaming Insurrection shows you how to play import games on five systems: GameCube, PlayStation 2, PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. GI Editor Lyndsey Mosley walks you through the process with tips in a series of videos.

2. What We’re Playing – New Super Mario Bros. Wii*, Animal Crossing CityFolk*, 1943* and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 are covered.

3. Retrograde – The GI crew looks at The Guardian Legend, Contra* and Final Fantasy V.

4. Tech Geeks – Winamp, Open Office and the GameStop System Selector are explored.

5. The Strip – The GI crew takes on the Phoenix Saga, Omega Red, Death Note Vol. 1 and Superman Returns and counts down our top 5 comic book villains.

As always, click within this post to download the current issue or visit the main site.

* = Video available here.


04 2010

1st Quarter 2010 here!

Gaming Insurrection has uploaded content for the 1st quarter of 2010! We are proud to present the following:1st Quarter 2010 front cover

1. Buyer’s Guide: Gaming Insurrection walks you through a list of 116 games that should be in every gamer’s collection. Systems featured are NES, SNES, Genesis, PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. No new-school here! Editor-in-chief Lyndsey and Associate Editor Jamie Mosley discussed their choices in a podcast as well. You can download the PDF version of the guide here.

2. Retrograde: Gaming Insurrection writers look at Aladdin and Animaniacs for the Super Nintendo and Galaga and Athena for the NES this quarter.

3. What We’re Playing: We take a look at Typing of the Dead (Lyndsey), MK Trilogy (Lyndsey), Perfect Dark Zero (Jamie) this quarter.

4. Tech Geeks: For our technology buffs, we find ways to record video of games, courtesy of the Pinnacle Video Transfer, and edit audio with Sony’s Acid Music Studio.

This quarter also marks the beginning of The Strip, a section devoted to comic books and (in the future) anime. The Strip works like a separate blog so head on over here to read our content. We chronicle our favorite Marvel characters, DC and Marvel properties and our experiences through and with comic books.

Download our newest issue here or from our main site,



01 2010

GI Show Episode 06 is available!

In the sixth episode, Lyndsey and Jamie make their way back from a beach trip in search of arcades. The search gets mixed reviews from the editors. You can watch the episode below or on our Youtube user site: GamingInsurrection.

YouTube Preview Image


11 2009

The Gaming Insurrection Show Episode 04 now posted

The Gaming Insurrection Show – Episode 04: Editors Talk Old School Part 1 is now available!

YouTube Preview Image

This week’s episode is the beginning of a two-parter on gaming memories. I sit down with former Contributing Editor Marcus Barnes to talk about our gaming past while living in our hometown of Columbia, S.C. You can watch the episode here or on our YouTube profile.


10 2009

The Gaming Insurrection Show: Episode 03

Gaming Insurrection is back with a new episode of the Gaming Insurrection Show. Join us as we play Marvel vs. Capcom for the Sega Dreamcast.

YouTube Preview Image

In this episode of the GI Show, Associate Editor Jamie Mosley and Contributing Editor Marcus Barnes have a little competition in the classic Capcom fighting game MvC. Editor Lyndsey M. Mosley provides commentary and films. You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel.


10 2009

The Gaming Insurrection Show: Episode 02

Episode 02 of The Gaming Insurrection Show is now available!

The second show continues the first as Associate Editor Jamie Mosley and Contributing Editors Marcus Barnes and Brandon Beatty discuss everything from Smash TV to Resident Evil 5.

You can watch the episode here or at our YouTube channel, where other videos are available.

YouTube Preview Image


10 2009

Fourth Quarter 2009 is here!

Gaming Insurrection proudly presents Fourth Quarter 2009 content.

Featured in this quarter:

1. Prince of the Iron Fist: Contributing Editor Jamie Mosley, a former employee of the Namco Cybertainement division, talks about his time learning to play Soulcalibur and Tekken while working for the gaming giant. Videos are available for viewing.

2. Retrograde: We tackle Super Castlevania IV, Double Dribble, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Videos for these stories can be found at our Youtube site.

3. What We’re Playing: Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds and Vampire Chronicles round out our selections for what we’re jumping into for the quarter. A video is available for Vampire Chronicles.

4. Tech Geeks: This quarter we highlight desktop publishing program Microsoft Publisher and Firefox add-ons we can’t live without.

5. Columns: Editor Lyndsey Mosley talks about the impact of the video game industry’s premier event E3 in Cry of War and Jamie Mosley gives advice on using creativity and imagination to further enjoyment of D&D sessions in From the Dungeon.

As always, this quarter’s issue is available free of charge on the main page of the site. Download it, tell us what you think! We want to hear from you so send an e-mail to gaminginsurrection (at) Remember to substitute the at with the @.


10 2009

Gaming Insurrection by the numbers …

Gaming Insurrection started as a side project for me way back in 2002. Co-founder Marcus Barnes and I were in college and I needed something to do to work on my journalistic skills. What better way to do that and talk about games at the same time, I thought. So that’s how GI came about.

Fast forward six years and I had a full-time job as a copy editor and page designer for a newspaper in Upstate South Carolina. I had to stop GI because of my increasing school duties, but after graduating and getting a job I suddenly found myself having more time to work on GI. I picked it up again and recruited my husband to write a column. I got the gang back together. Because the journalism industry is so hard hit by the recession, I find myself without work. It’s hard, I won’t lie. But while I search for work and a place to apply my skills, I work on Gaming Insurrection.

Right now, we’re free of charge. That’s just fine by me because I can’t really see charging someone for something that I produce out of my den. I’d love to get advertising and make something off of it because it is hard work. I want advertising because I think we serve a small but niche market that isn’t really pushed in the way that we do it. That being said, we do have two advertisers who are willing to take a chance on us. The first is Software Seconds, a small import/retro game shop in Columbia that we frequent. It is also the first place that ever carried our printed newsletter. The second is Play N Trade, which is locally owned by Brian McMahon. Play N Trade is allowing us to distribute whenever we can print. We at GI owe a debt of gratitude to both stores for letting us show off our work … which brings me to a serious point.

Gaming Insurrection is wholly created and produced through our hard work. We don’t like to rely on anyone else to do the work for us, and it’s a fun venture that solely comes from the collective efforts of four people. Without my staff, this newsletter would never be what it is today. And we’re still not much. We have little equipment but what we do have, we make work.

Our gear:

Nikon Coolpix L11 (for video recording and still photos), HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, Sony Vegas Movie Studio (for video editing), Microsoft Publisher 2007 (layout and design of print edition, Web site), Olympus voice recorder (for interviews), Photoshop 7.0 for photo editing

What we’d like to have:

Quark Express, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver, boom microphone, Sony HD video camera

Eventually, we will get the equipment. Right now, though, we’re just having fun doing what we’re doing. And the weather has been so perfect for recording. Every little bit helps, you know?


03 2009

Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World videos

More videos for Gaming Insurrection! This time, we take a short look at some SNES classics.

Super Mario Kart

YouTube Preview Image

Super Mario World

YouTube Preview Image

These games will be featured in upcoming Retrograde and What We’re Playing features in January.


11 2008