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EGM is back!

A few days ago, we heard some really great news: Electronic Gaming Monthly will return to publishing! Founder Steve Harris bought the rights to the magazine from Ziff-Davis Media and is planning to put out issues again.

This is so wonderful that I can’t fully express it in words. Word on the street is he’s looking to bring back magazine favorites who were interested in returning. That would be nice. According to multiple posts on, the magazine is expected to return somewhere during the second half of 2009. I, for one, will rock a subscription again. I haven’t had a subscription since 2002 but I would pick up issues if they caught my eye on the rack. The last two issues I bought were the final issue and the Japan issue because it looked phenomenal.

To see the new site (it’s bare bones right now), visit

Long live EGM!


06 2009

The end of an era for Electronic Gaming Monthly

The end of time has come.

As editor of a gaming site, small as we may be, I decided to make a special post about the end of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Several months ago, I made a post in my regular journal about the direction of the magazine. I didn’t like how it was becoming juvenile over the past couple of years. As a female gamer, I’d prefer my reading material to not focus on my appendages that make it a little easier to bring a child in the world. I want my hard and fast news coverage, I want impartial in-depth reviews on what I should buy or at the very least keep an eye on. I want features on games that I care about or at the bare minimum, something I might think about buying the future. I’ve gotten that out of all of the magazines I have ever religiously collected and subscribed to (GamePro, EGM, EGM2/Expert Gamer, GameNOW, Game Informer, Official PlayStation Magazine, Nintendo Power … yes, this list is long).

What I will miss the most about EGM is that devotion to my core principles. It was because of EGM that I decided to get into the journalism business in high school and then college. While my career path changed in my extremely long sophomore year (I became a copy editor instead of a reporter/writer), I still respected the art of crafting a well-written and investigated story on games.

EGM has meant so much to me in the past 15 or 16 years. I used to sneak EGMs into class to read after I finished a session of Tetris. Yes, I was that bored and far along in my work. I used to draw covers despite my lack of drawing ability and eagerly read issues during dinner. I depended on EGM to deliver my gaming news in the days before the Internet exploded. Yes, we were behind the times, but those were good times.

With all of the staff changes in the past couple of years, I didn’t really get a lot of it. My core crew that I really kept up with their opinions flowed through there in 1998-1999. At the time Shawn Elliott, Crispin Boyer and Dan Hsu were still there. There was a Sushi X incarnation and Trickman Terry was still doling out the cheat codes. Great coverage dominated the magazine and folks’ opinions were greatly respected. Later, with the acquisition of the great James Mielke, it was like the magazine just exploded in greatness. I can’t really describe that time accurately other than to say I have all issues from that time period … probably up to about 2002 or 2003. I even joined when they first got started because of EGM. I post rarely but today I gave a long goodbye to the Milkman. His hard work and push to keep the magazine going was and still is appreciated. And it will be forever afterward.

I will miss you EGM.


01 2009