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A gaming show you should be aware of …

I don’t watch much TV, though I have my favorite shows. I do like watching shows geared toward gamers (i.e. Attack of the Show, X-Play). These days, since I don’t have cable or satellite, I rely on Internet shows to get me by. Enter Area 5.

The guys over at are Ryan O’Donnell, Matt Chandronait, Rob Bowen, Cesar Quintero, Jason Bertrand and the adorable Jay Frechette. All are former staffers of (see the previous post on the demise of EGM for an idea of what I’m getting at) who have come together to make an amazing show: CO-OP. I’ve been a faithful viewer since season 1, I download the weekly episodes and they are my start page in Firefox.

Why? Quite simply, the guys are awesome.

The shows revolve around a running narrative of their lives and video games. What more could you ask for? I love the segments and several episodes (most notably season 2’s “Selling CO-OP”) have made me laugh out loud. Support these guys. I love their concept, what they’re trying to do on a weekly basis. If I could, I would do it, too. The shows look stunning because of the great equipment they have. I also really love the way they sit around and discuss games. With an informal atmosphere, I think the viewer can get more comfortable with the show and know what to look forward to in each episode. Besides, they’re funny, knowledgeable and apparently live in one of the nicest places on Earth for creativity. If you have Digg, help them out or go to their Revision3 site.

I would really like for them to stick around.

And yes, Jay Fresh is hot, despite my very married status. ^_^


05 2009