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Who Will Get The Next Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat! The name alone reminds me of hours spent in the local arcade. Hours of trying to destroy my opponents while trying to keep from being destroyed at the same time. The competition was tough. Everybody who ever went to an arcade knew about Mortal Kombat. Even people who didn’t play video games knew about Mortal Kombat thanks to some big wigs on Capitol Hill saying that it was too bloody and gory. Too bloody!

Mortal Kombat forced the fighting game genre, if not the video game industry as a whole to listen to what your customers want. American society wanted violence and lots of it.  The more blood and more guts, the better. Americans will pay top dollar for grade A violence. Listen, would you watch a football game for four quarters knowing that they are only going to pull flags off of the other teams waist? How about buying tickets to this game? Can you see yourself having a Flag SuperBowl Party? It’s nothing against flag football. I even played flag football. I just can’t see today’s America watching flag football every Saturday and Sunday.

But I digress.

Mortal Kombat helped boost game sales in America. Even today, you can find people around the world still playing classic Mortal Kombats. I still play Ultimate MK III. In fact, I played it yesterday on my XBox360. I was in Play N Trade the other day, and a guy was asking for Mortal Kombat. People want Mortal Kombat. The world wants Mortal Kombat.

But it is no secret that Midway is having some dire finance problems. They have been losing profits for quite some time now. But while the loss of profit was mounting, Mortal Kombat was still being released. But Midway has decided that they have a plan. One plan is to sell off the Mortal Kombat property to another company. It is valued at $1,292,500 USD.

Due to its history, I am confident that MK will sell at that price, if not more. I am just curious to see who will bite.

Will it be Capcom? Capcom is no stranger to fighting games. Could there be a possible Darkstalkers vs. Mortal Kombat game in the making?

Will it be Electronic Arts? EA is always looking for the next biggest video game fad. Could this be it?

I personally would like to see Namco-Bandai get the Mortal Kombat franchise. I would enjoy seeing a Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat.

What are your views on this?  I would love to hear them.


03 2009

EA: 'Too Many Games' Released During Holiday Season

EA has been known as the big publishing house on the block for a few years now. Pumping out titles such as Madden football, NCAA titles, Tiger Woods Golf, Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge,and the Sims are just a few examples. In a recent interview with, EA’s Redwood Shores general manager Glen Schofield announced that they may have made a mistake.

“The one big thing we learned was, we came out with a bunch of new IP, actually with a bunch of new games at the same time,” Schofield says.

“You can blame some of it on the economy,” says Schofield.
But adds on that there were “far too many” games in general released during the holiday period.

“I think that we traditionally thought that people only buy games at Christmas or around holiday time, and now we’re looking back and going, ‘You know what, GTA launched in May; Resident Evil comes out in March.’ ”

This comes as somewhat of a surprise to me. I always believed that EA was releasing so many titles at once because they were just trying to get the public different choices to make. I now see it was just a marketing ploy. Flood the market, people will buy it.  Everyone does not want to wait until the third and fourth quarter just to buy video games. I am glad that a big name company will step forward and admit when they believe they made a mistake. Now they can step back and plan their next move.

Schofield also says, “I think the industry has finally gone, ‘Wow, we could probably just come out just like the movies do.’ Movies launch on Christmas day, they launch blockbusters during the summer, and we’re now learning that we could probably launch a game at any time, and if it’s a good game it will be well received.”

I agree with this statement. It’s true. Blockbusters will sell regardless what quarter they are released. Let’s look at EA’s blockbusters for a moment. Typically in July, EA will release NCAA Football. In August, EA will release Madden. Now if you are a hardcore football fan, you will most likely want both games. Now if you are like me, you most likely want to get your money’s worth on NCAA before you move on to the NFL. There is more than one team that I like in college. I like to play them all. But since Madden comes out almost a month later, I will have to put every spare moment into beating NCAA.

If you are a sports fan, then after Madden is Nascar racing, FIFA, Tiger Woods, and NBA Live are just a few. Then what if you also add Rock Band, Burnout, and other big name titles. These are just from EA titles. What about the next Halo game that normally comes out in the fourth quarter? How about Gears of War? Enough is enough! I would like to thank EA for realizing that this is a problem. I only hope that other companies will follow the suit.

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02 2009

GI plays Wii Sports part 2

In Wii Sports action, the Mosley Unit set new records in bowling and golf.

GI editor Lyndsey M. created a new personal best with 257. She threw seven consecutive strikes, 10 overall. Her previous personal best was 201, set on Feb. 16. She gained 116 points for her ranking to improve to Pro status and 1,050 points.

Lyndsey’s golf score improved greatly. In a nine-hole game with Jamie M., the personal best of +21 was improved to +2. An eagle off a chip-in on the five hole (intermediate hole No. 2) and a bogey on the final hole (also final expert hole) of par 5 lowered the score. The player skill level improved to 945.

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02 2009

We've moved!

From the Editor:

Welcome to our new blog! We finally figured out how to integrate a blog into our Web site, so no more frames! It’s interesting how this works and we’re still working on it, but you can see the new changes in a couple of weeks when we upload the new content.

We like the new design and we hope that it’s aesthetically pleasing. Look for new content and features in March and April.


02 2009

The end of an era for Electronic Gaming Monthly

The end of time has come.

As editor of a gaming site, small as we may be, I decided to make a special post about the end of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Several months ago, I made a post in my regular journal about the direction of the magazine. I didn’t like how it was becoming juvenile over the past couple of years. As a female gamer, I’d prefer my reading material to not focus on my appendages that make it a little easier to bring a child in the world. I want my hard and fast news coverage, I want impartial in-depth reviews on what I should buy or at the very least keep an eye on. I want features on games that I care about or at the bare minimum, something I might think about buying the future. I’ve gotten that out of all of the magazines I have ever religiously collected and subscribed to (GamePro, EGM, EGM2/Expert Gamer, GameNOW, Game Informer, Official PlayStation Magazine, Nintendo Power … yes, this list is long).

What I will miss the most about EGM is that devotion to my core principles. It was because of EGM that I decided to get into the journalism business in high school and then college. While my career path changed in my extremely long sophomore year (I became a copy editor instead of a reporter/writer), I still respected the art of crafting a well-written and investigated story on games.

EGM has meant so much to me in the past 15 or 16 years. I used to sneak EGMs into class to read after I finished a session of Tetris. Yes, I was that bored and far along in my work. I used to draw covers despite my lack of drawing ability and eagerly read issues during dinner. I depended on EGM to deliver my gaming news in the days before the Internet exploded. Yes, we were behind the times, but those were good times.

With all of the staff changes in the past couple of years, I didn’t really get a lot of it. My core crew that I really kept up with their opinions flowed through there in 1998-1999. At the time Shawn Elliott, Crispin Boyer and Dan Hsu were still there. There was a Sushi X incarnation and Trickman Terry was still doling out the cheat codes. Great coverage dominated the magazine and folks’ opinions were greatly respected. Later, with the acquisition of the great James Mielke, it was like the magazine just exploded in greatness. I can’t really describe that time accurately other than to say I have all issues from that time period … probably up to about 2002 or 2003. I even joined when they first got started because of EGM. I post rarely but today I gave a long goodbye to the Milkman. His hard work and push to keep the magazine going was and still is appreciated. And it will be forever afterward.

I will miss you EGM.


01 2009

Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World videos

More videos for Gaming Insurrection! This time, we take a short look at some SNES classics.

Super Mario Kart

YouTube Preview Image

Super Mario World

YouTube Preview Image

These games will be featured in upcoming Retrograde and What We’re Playing features in January.


11 2008

E3 impressions … and Soul Calibur on XBox Live

E3 has come and gone
The one-time biggest spectacle in gaming has passed for another year and we’re left with a lot of dashed hopes and dreams courtesy of the big three: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. I got the chance to talk to one of my dearest friends and writers for Gaming Insurrection, Marcus Barnes (playing press agent for the Tuesday conferences and calling everyone he knows that games to report big news), who promptly told me the news I’d been reading: All of the press conferences were mediocre. Nothing new or big or exciting came out of E3 this year.

My impressions
Sony and Microsoft
Since we don’t particularly care about the XBox 360, the fact that it took FFXIII from Sony in the United States isn’t that big of a deal for us. What I found interesting was the fact that Sony didn’t appear to know that. Unfortunately for Sony, they are forced to compete with Microsoft, like it or not. That’s just how it is now for those two. Oh and I don’t care about FFXIII. The last time I played a Final Fantasy it was 5. And it was on my GBA. That’s about how much I give a hoot about Final Fantasy.

Oh, Nintendo. I used to love thee and now I just shake my head at you. OK, abandoning your hardcore gamers for soccer moms and the casual market might make you money right now, but it will come back to bite you later. Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for the recent showing they put up at E32008. I mean, seriously, all you have to show me is Animal Crossing, WiiSpeak and a 1:1 motion for the Wiimote (which it should have already had when it released)? That is not an E3 presentation. And can somebody please get me a better PR director? I am not liking Cammie Dunaway already. I don’t care about her kids and that’s not the way you put on a presentation for one of the greatest gaming companies in modern history. She sounded shrill and fake in the press conference video. I don’t necessarily believe she is the next Reggie but if she’s in PR, she should know by now that it’s all in the way you come across. Dunaway instantly reminded me of Cammy the Magikoopa from Paper Mario on the N64, and that is not a lovely comparison.

What I know about 20 years-plus of gaming is that Nintendo is made up of characters. These people are larger than life. You have Reggie Fils-Aime who rocks an entire press conference and the gaming world in general one year by paraphrasing “Evil Dead” and proceeds to put a public face to Nintendo’s new heart. You have Satoru Iwata who seems like the godfather who makes people offers they can’t refuse. You have Shigeru Miyamoto aka THE MAN who’s happy to do what he does and seems eccentric yet lovable because he puts his heart and soul into everything he touches. He’s the cool, hip uncle you only see once or twice a year but when you do see him, he’s always got something awesome going on and you know he loves you. A lot. I just wish someone would sit these three down together in one room and explain to them that while we love them and Nintendo in general, a lot of their fanbase and longtime supporters are angry right now. Angry at the way they feel they’ve been deceived into buying a Wii only to get a lot of kiddie crap and nothing new for hardcore gamers.

And while we’re on the subject of Animal Crossing … I love the series, don’t get me wrong. As a matter of fact when they announced the new game (Animal Crossing: City Folk), I was the first to jump for joy because I am a self-proclaimed addict. However, what I’m afraid of is that the game will be nothing more than a Wild World port when it should be something more. A lot more. Wild World in itself was a good game, a lot of fun and quite addictive like the original. However, it is a standalone that should be improved upon. The Wii version should get something better, far better than a DS port with a little bit of slapped on activities. I like the city idea and I wish it had been implemented in Wild World. I’m anxious to see what changes have been made and it’s the only game I’m eagerly awaiting from the big N for the rest of the year.

— Lyndsey


07 2008

Gaming weekly news vol. 4

Welcome back to the stage of history …

Actually, that’s the lead-in for this week’s gaming news report.

Soul Calibur coming to XBox Live Arcade (sources: numerous, but best from and Live Journal user songohanx )

Namco’s medieval weapons brawler (and Sega Dreamcast launch title) is coming to the download service sometime this year. This marks a great day for fighters in our eyes for XBox Live. Since the 360’s controller can pass for a DC controller, it should be easy to play. While I wasn’t much of a fan of SC when it first came out, I grew to like the first game and I would play my husband’s 360 just for this. Let’s hope that it’s arcade perfect.

Mortal Kombat 8 announced: Midway makes MK vs. DC Universe (sources: numerous)

Why Midway insists upon milking poor Mortal Kombat, I don’t know. I will never understand why they didn’t just stop while they were ahead with Deadly Alliance. Well, now Midway has managed to secure the rights to DC characters and will be making a crossover game, much like Marvel vs. Capcom. As someone pointed out on, are there going to be fatalities on DC characters? Will DC characters resort to killing like MK characters? We’ll have to see how this plays out with more information, but right now, the premise sounds a little stupid.


I’m anxiously awaiting MarioKart Wii. Remember to mark your calendars: The game releases next Sunday – April 27.


04 2008

Gaming News Vol. 3 – Starting your week off right

Gaming Insurrection second quarter 2008 issue

Gaming Insurrection second quarter 2008 issue

Welcome to more gaming news from Gaming Insurrection! We’ve been busy beavers since we last updated. We’ve launched the new issue and we’ve added features to the Web site. Read on:

Second quarter issue launched and online

Gaming Insurrection has launched its second issue of 2008. This quarter we’re looking at the glory days of the Sega Dreamcast and we’ve begun a five-part series on the joys of video game music. You can read the stories online or download the print version at

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition to be exclusive to Gamestop (source:

Somehow we’re not that surprised by this, but MGS4’s Limited Edition version is going to be an exclusive to the industry giant. What’s included in this version? A soundtrack and two documentaries on the game’s creation. There’s also supposed to be a “very limited edition” that comes with a grey PS3. The cost? $84.99. We respect MGS and all but $85 is a bit much, although you do get a soundtrack with it that could easily run $35 or more in some places.


04 2008

Gaming weekly news vol. 2

So April is upon us. That means one good thing: Mario Kart Wii is closer to release and summer’s almost here. I am inspired by the intense heat to play more Mario Kart. Why? I don’t know.

Gaming news we scrounged up for you:

“Capcom purchases developer K2, acquires MotoGP publishing rights” (from
This is noteworthy in that you very rarely hear from Capcom about them buying another developer. Most of the time, Capcom is really quiet about buying studios and rarely will you hear anything about a studio being closed (Clover Studios is another story). K2 is best known as the developer of the stealth ninja franchise “Tenchu.”  Capcom  also acquired the rights to racing franchise Moto GP. Moto GP’s been done by billions of other developers, including Capcom, but this wraps it up until 2012.

“Jim Wilson named head of Atari” (from
Wow. Atari is in a lot of trouble these days. Just when I didn’t think that the once-giant publisher couldn’t fall farther, they have to bring someone in immediately to clean up the joint. Business has been so bad recently that it had to secure a loan from Infogrames, its parent company, to the tune of $10 million. That’s an awful lot of money to keep making bad games. Anyway, Wilson’s hire might help them get out of the toilet. Just remember when you’re buying that next “Alone in the Dark” game.


04 2008