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1st Quarter 2011 now online!

Gaming InsurrectionGaming Insurrection is proud to present the following content for the first quarter 2011:

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles awesomeness – Gaming Insurrection goes in-depth with maps and strategies for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time and reviews of the game and eight other classic TMNT game titles. Reviews for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)*, TMNT II: The Arcade Game (XboFirst Quarter 2011 - Gaming Insurrectionx Live Arcade version)*, TMNT III: Manhattan Project (NES)*, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist (Genesis)*, TMNT: Tournament Fighters (SNES)* and the three Game Boy titles – Fall of the Foot Clan, Back from the Sewers and Radical Rescue – are the focus of coverage. Download the maps in a special pullout in the Special Section of

2. Mortal Kombat II tournament – Gaming Insurrection begins its first tournament for the classic fighting game from Midway, Mortal Kombat II. We provide brackets, tournament rankings, match analysis and video.*

3. Ready, Set, Begin! – These TMNT games are covered: Turtles in Time, Tournament Fighters and Manhattan Project.

4. Retrograde – The following TMNT games are covered: TMNT, Hyperstone Heist, The Arcade Game, Fall of the Foot Clan, Back from the Sewers and Radical Rescue.

5. The Strip – GI jumps into the impact of the TMNT comics and 1987 TV show in Strip Talk, reviews the three live-action TMNT movies, highlights Colossus in the Marvel character highlight, reviews Tenchi Muyo’s latest manga in Otaku and takes a look at the five best quotes from TMNT villain Shredder.

As always, you can download the issue from the main site, if you like.

Gaming Insurrection is continuing with its visual update, which began last quarter. Typography and readability is important to us and we appreciate all comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think by e-mail (editor[at] or gaming_insurrection[at] or by Twitter!

*= Video enabled!


01 2011

2nd Quarter 2010 launches!

Gaming Insurrection proudly presents the 2nd Quarter 2010 issue.

In the issue:

1. Feature: Playing retro imports – Gaming Insurrection shows you how to play import games on five systems: GameCube, PlayStation 2, PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. GI Editor Lyndsey Mosley walks you through the process with tips in a series of videos.

2. What We’re Playing – New Super Mario Bros. Wii*, Animal Crossing CityFolk*, 1943* and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 are covered.

3. Retrograde – The GI crew looks at The Guardian Legend, Contra* and Final Fantasy V.

4. Tech Geeks – Winamp, Open Office and the GameStop System Selector are explored.

5. The Strip – The GI crew takes on the Phoenix Saga, Omega Red, Death Note Vol. 1 and Superman Returns and counts down our top 5 comic book villains.

As always, click within this post to download the current issue or visit the main site.

* = Video available here.


04 2010

The Gaming Insurrection show debut!

NORTH CAROLINA — Gaming Insurrection Media proudly presents the inaguarual episode of the Gaming Insurrection Show. From the creators of the Editor’s Weekly podcast comes a show about random game conversations.

YouTube Preview Image

In the first episode Gaming Insurrection’s Associate Editor Jamie Mosley leads a discussion with Contributing Editors Brandon Beatty and Marcus Barnes on random games and comic book issues.


10 2009

Fourth Quarter 2009 is here!

Gaming Insurrection proudly presents Fourth Quarter 2009 content.

Featured in this quarter:

1. Prince of the Iron Fist: Contributing Editor Jamie Mosley, a former employee of the Namco Cybertainement division, talks about his time learning to play Soulcalibur and Tekken while working for the gaming giant. Videos are available for viewing.

2. Retrograde: We tackle Super Castlevania IV, Double Dribble, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Videos for these stories can be found at our Youtube site.

3. What We’re Playing: Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds and Vampire Chronicles round out our selections for what we’re jumping into for the quarter. A video is available for Vampire Chronicles.

4. Tech Geeks: This quarter we highlight desktop publishing program Microsoft Publisher and Firefox add-ons we can’t live without.

5. Columns: Editor Lyndsey Mosley talks about the impact of the video game industry’s premier event E3 in Cry of War and Jamie Mosley gives advice on using creativity and imagination to further enjoyment of D&D sessions in From the Dungeon.

As always, this quarter’s issue is available free of charge on the main page of the site. Download it, tell us what you think! We want to hear from you so send an e-mail to gaminginsurrection (at) Remember to substitute the at with the @.


10 2009

Weekly podcasts begin!

We’ve finally got the new feature started: Editor’s weekly podcasts! You can listen to Gaming Insurrection’s editors talk about topics they hold near and dear to their hearts each week.

Our goal is to have the podcast recorded and uploaded each week on Wednesdays. If the topic pertains to something we’ve already discussed in the print version of Gaming Insurrection, we will point you toward that issue. We’re not done talking about some issues.

The first episode is editor Lyndsey M. Mosley, talking about her gaming memories. Readers will recall that we discussed this in the 3rd Quarter of 2008. Download that issue from the archives to read all about it.

You can listen to the first episode here or on our main Web site.

Hope you enjoy it.

Editor\’s Weekly Podcast Episode 1: Gaming Memories



08 2009

3rd Quarter 2009 is here!

Gaming Insurrection is updated for the third quarter 2009!Gaming Insurrection's 3rd quarter 2009 front cover

This quarter:

1. Mom and Dad play the Wii – Editor Lyndsey M. Mosley interviews her parents on their first time trying out the Nintendo Wii. Hilarity ensues. Actually, Gloria and Hiran Hicks show their enthusiasm for trying Nintendo’s hit console and two of the games in the Wii Sports lineup.

2. E3 2009 – Despite the harried trials of getting information on the biggest gaming event of the year, Gaming Insurrection editors drop knowledge on what happened in Los Angeles this year. Multiple announcements – some known, some unknown – made this year’s E3 a return to form.

Retrograde features Bionic Commando, NARC and Super Contra for the NES. What We’re Playing looks at Mega Man III and The Legend of Zelda for the NES and Ridge Racer Type 4 for the PSOne. In the multimedia section there are gameplay videos for Retrograde and What We’re Playing, and there are photogalleries for the games and our feature on Mom and Dad. Watch them there or at our Youtube site.

As always we have columns from yours truly and From the Dungeon, written exclusively by Jamie Mosley. Go download the issue now!


07 2009

Guitar Hero 5 at E3

Ever wonder why there are so many versions of Guitar Hero? Bands. Every Guitar Hero has a list of bands that seems to be comprised of the best rock bands of their time. But there are millions of fans out there, that likes millions of different bands. So Activision by trying to create the worlds biggest concert ever! Just for your enjoyment. Here is a list of bands that has confirmed to show up at you local retail outlet of choice.

• 3 Doors Down
• A Perfect Circle
• Attack! Attack!
• Band Of Horses
• Beastie Boys
• Beck
• Billy Idol
• Billy Squier
• Blink-182
• Blur
• Bob Dylan
• Bon Jovi
• Brand New
• Bush
• Children of Bodom
• Coldplay
• Darker My Love
• Darkest Hour
• David Bowie
• Deep Purple
• Dire Straits
• Duran Duran
• Eagles Of Death Metal
• Elliott Smith
• Elton John
• Face to Face
• Garbage
• Gorillaz
• Gov’t Mule
• Grand Funk Railroad
• Iggy Pop
• Iron Maiden
• Jeff Beck
• Jimmy Eat World
• John Mellencamp
• Johnny Cash
• Kaiser Chiefs
• King Crimson
• Kings Of Leon
• Kiss
• Love and Rockets
• Megadeth
• Mötley Crüe
• Muse
• My Morning Jacket
• Nirvana
• No Doubt
• Peter Frampton
• Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde
• Queen & David Bowie
• Queens Of The Stone Age
• Rammstein
• Rose Hill Drive
• Rush
• Santana
• Scars On Broadway
• Screaming Trees
• Smashing Pumpkins
• Sonic Youth
• Spacehog
• Stevie Wonder
• Sublime
• Sunny Day Real Estate
• T. Rex
• The Bronx
• The Derek Trucks Band
• The Duke Spirit
• The Killers
• The Police
• The Raconteurs
• The Rolling Stones
• The Sword
• The White Stripes
• Thin Lizzy
• Thrice
• Tom Petty
• Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
• TV On The Radio
• Vampire Weekend
• Weezer
• Wild Cherry
• Wolfmother


06 2009

E3 2009 begins!

We here at Gaming Insurrection are eagerly awaiting this year’s conference.

It’s a return to old for the nearly 15-year-old show and it’s about what else? Video games!

This year we’re bringing you the main highlights of the “Big 3” (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) in our print version, and Jamie and Lyndsey will talk tough about what went down this year in a series of podcasts. Look for those with the launch of the 3rd Quarter 2009 on July 4, 2009.

The news conferences are scheduled as:

Today (6/1/09) – Microsoft at 1 p.m. EST (10:30 a.m. PST)

Tomorrow (6/2/09) – Nintendo at 11 a.m. EST (9 a.m. PST); Sony at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST)

We may just throw in some blogs for the hell of it about stuff we find interesting from the other publishing houses so stay tuned!



06 2009

North Korea Invades U.S. In 'Homefront"

THQ announced today that Homefront, a first-person shooter, is centered on North Korea invading U.S.

The story of Homefront sees an energy-starved United States collapsing into economic ruin, leading to an invasion by North Korea in 2027. Homefront puts players amongst the “American Civilian Resistance” in its battle to repel the North Korean occupiers.

The game’s script is written by John Milius. Milius is best known for writing “Apocalypse Now” and creating the TV series “Rome.”

I look forward to saving my “Homefront.”

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05 2009

BioShock 2 To Hit Stores

2K Marin’s BioShock 2 will hit the shelves on November 3. Just in time for everyone to put it on their holiday list.

But do they have to taunt us with pictures and videos until then. This game looks awesome.

"Just say No!"


05 2009