1st Quarter 2010 here!

Gaming Insurrection has uploaded content for the 1st quarter of 2010! We are proud to present the following:1st Quarter 2010 front cover

1. Buyer’s Guide: Gaming Insurrection walks you through a list of 116 games that should be in every gamer’s collection. Systems featured are NES, SNES, Genesis, PSOne, Saturn and Dreamcast. No new-school here! Editor-in-chief Lyndsey and Associate Editor Jamie Mosley discussed their choices in a podcast as well. You can download the PDF version of the guide here.

2. Retrograde: Gaming Insurrection writers look at Aladdin and Animaniacs for the Super Nintendo and Galaga and Athena for the NES this quarter.

3. What We’re Playing: We take a look at Typing of the Dead (Lyndsey), MK Trilogy (Lyndsey), Perfect Dark Zero (Jamie) this quarter.

4. Tech Geeks: For our technology buffs, we find ways to record video of games, courtesy of the Pinnacle Video Transfer, and edit audio with Sony’s Acid Music Studio.

This quarter also marks the beginning of The Strip, a section devoted to comic books and (in the future) anime. The Strip works like a separate blog so head on over here to read our content. We chronicle our favorite Marvel characters, DC and Marvel properties and our experiences through and with comic books.

Download our newest issue here or from our main site, www.gaminginsurrection.com.


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