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Gaming Insurrection started as a side project for me way back in 2002. Co-founder Marcus Barnes and I were in college and I needed something to do to work on my journalistic skills. What better way to do that and talk about games at the same time, I thought. So that’s how GI came about.

Fast forward six years and I had a full-time job as a copy editor and page designer for a newspaper in Upstate South Carolina. I had to stop GI because of my increasing school duties, but after graduating and getting a job I suddenly found myself having more time to work on GI. I picked it up again and recruited my husband to write a column. I got the gang back together. Because the journalism industry is so hard hit by the recession, I find myself without work. It’s hard, I won’t lie. But while I search for work and a place to apply my skills, I work on Gaming Insurrection.

Right now, we’re free of charge. That’s just fine by me because I can’t really see charging someone for something that I produce out of my den. I’d love to get advertising and make something off of it because it is hard work. I want advertising because I think we serve a small but niche market that isn’t really pushed in the way that we do it. That being said, we do have two advertisers who are willing to take a chance on us. The first is Software Seconds, a small import/retro game shop in Columbia that we frequent. It is also the first place that ever carried our printed newsletter. The second is Play N Trade, which is locally owned by Brian McMahon. Play N Trade is allowing us to distribute whenever we can print. We at GI owe a debt of gratitude to both stores for letting us show off our work … which brings me to a serious point.

Gaming Insurrection is wholly created and produced through our hard work. We don’t like to rely on anyone else to do the work for us, and it’s a fun venture that solely comes from the collective efforts of four people. Without my staff, this newsletter would never be what it is today. And we’re still not much. We have little equipment but what we do have, we make work.

Our gear:

Nikon Coolpix L11 (for video recording and still photos), HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop, Sony Vegas Movie Studio (for video editing), Microsoft Publisher 2007 (layout and design of print edition, Web site), Olympus voice recorder (for interviews), Photoshop 7.0 for photo editing

What we’d like to have:

Quark Express, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver, boom microphone, Sony HD video camera

Eventually, we will get the equipment. Right now, though, we’re just having fun doing what we’re doing. And the weather has been so perfect for recording. Every little bit helps, you know?

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